Its been 6 weeks today that chi chi has been gone...I miss her so so much....I look at her pictures everyday...How I wish I could turn back the clock...It's so hard to continue without her...I hate it ....I can't say it enough i hate a life without's just never gonna be the same again...I miss her being with me lonely without her..
joale reda
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Hi Joale,

Your Chi Chi looks like one beautiful girl. She looks so dwarfed on the couch but from her look, she has been there before and very comfortable. I can feel your anguish and hate to feel these same emotions weeks and months from now.

Could you share more of her pictures? What type of dog was she? I think it is a bit better to share some of her interactions or what she liked to do - I find it puts a smile on my face to read my own comments. I can almost forget the pain of Tatoo being gone.

Thank you for letting us know about your Chi Chi. I am sure she is smiling down thinking of you as well.

"Fly Free My Little Too"
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Hi Joale, your little Chi Chi is so adorable and I know you miss her every day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could turn back the clock, but then we'd have to go through that awful day again. I'm not sure I could take it. Today is 2 weeks since I lost my Chester man and it seems like months. What I really wish was that dogs lived as long as us humans so they could be with us all of our life. But then we'd worry if we left them behind. So we just love them as long as possible knowing we will have this pain to contend with. So few years- -so much love.
Take care and know you have a lot of company and understanding here.
Chester's mom (Joan)
joan bartlett
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What an adorable girl with such a fitting name.

Joale, I wanted to thank you for leaving such a lovely message in Tsuk's thread. I appreciate it very much that you took the time to do so.

I'm sorry you have to go through this horrible ordeal. It brings about the worst of pains and heartaches. I myself have a little Chihuahua and now what devoted companions they are. They are small dogs with huge personalities and hearts. The relationship we share with them is unlike any we could ever have with human beings. No need for language to understand ourselves; a simple look in their eyes is all it takes. And when life claims them back, we are left with huge voids in our lives, holes we will never fill again. I like to think Tsuk is still with me and helps me when I need it. Like you say, they feel no pain anymore, and that's a thought that is very comforting to me.

Let's hope Chi Chi and Tsuk will continue to help us through the new year and send us thoughts of healing. 

I wish you peace and strength for the new year. We will talk again and continue to help each other during this long and painful road we are walking.

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I know you are in pain with the loss of your friend

Your beloved’s soul now in My Arms to tend;

I sent him/her to you for a season of pleasure

So that you can live together forever with pleasure;

Life is the soul placed in your furry love,

Still alive and now waiting for YOU from above!


Vicki Mattingly 
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