The pain is still so intense after six weeks.Still forget she isn't here anymore then reality sets in and the tears start again.I knew she was getting older but to have her ripped from my life was the hardest loss I've ever had.Getting my tattoo tomorrow to honour her life and our special love.
Being without you takes a lot of getting used to.
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What a beautiful photo of Tim Tam she was a little heart-stopper.  I'm so sorry you're having such a
hard time but it's early days yet and grief sadly has to run its course.  There's no magic wand but one day a kind of peace does come and we can smile at memories.    Meanwhile grieve as much as you
need to in your own way and love her, as her spirit will be right there with you.

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Hi, I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Tim Tam. It is so hard when they are no longer with us. What you said, struck a chord in me, it has been 7 weeks tomorrow since I found my Misty had died. Sometimes I forget, just for a few secs, the I remember he's not here, I cry too, every day. I do know now though, that although the pain hasn't go less, it is a bit easier to cope with, day by day. I'm sure you will too reach this place soon, it just takes time, & as someone said to me on here, it is something you have to go through, I didn't like the thought of this, when it was first said, but I now feel it to be true. I have found this forum a lifesaver. Some people outside of this forum, may not understand how you are feeling, but that's nit their fault or yours, they just haven't experienced the same things as you & everyone else on here. I'm thinking of you, at this very sad time, sending hugs, take care, & grieve in a way that's right for you, xxx
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