Max my love - 6 months today - i love & miss you - I still cry every day when I look at your beautiful face. I still find it so difficult to accept I'll never see you again. My life has changed so much & it feels so wrong. I did the ironing this morning & I missed you sitting on my feet. Little things like that create huge heartbreaking emotions, still so powerful it takes my breath away.

As you know we have wild rabbits in the garden & I've had huge problems getting myself out there because I hate it without you sitting by my side relaxing in the sun. Well over the past few weeks when I have been in the vegetable plot chatting away to you this baby rabbit appeared & sat on the grass & he comes every time I go out there. He just sits nibbling the clover just a few feet away from me which is really unusual for a wild rabbit. He is growing up fast & he is so sweet - it makes it more bearable in the garden when he appears. Also Percy our wild pheasant is still dropping in every morning & evening for some corn. He comes right into the conservatory now when the doors are open or if they're closed he will tap on the doors till somebody comes & feeds him. You were such a good gentle boy with him & he still brings dad & I great comfort. Even though dad has dementia he will still ask where you are & its lovely that he hasn't forgotten you but very painful when he keeps asking about you 😥.

Here is a picture of my little rabbit for you to see. Thank you to everyone who listens to my ramblings, it is therapeutic writing it all down now & again & having a good cry. Everybody here knows how bad it can get.

All my love xxxxx
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Dear Christine,

It is nice whenever someone here posts and shares a "Wildlife Sign" sighting. They do occur and they are always interesting, unique, memorable & very special. Thank you for sharing more of your and Max's story and that photo of the little baby rabbit who visited you.

As you pointed out it is so true that: "Little things create huge heartbreaking emotions, still so powerful they take our breath away." 

"Bless the beasts & the children."

Kind regards,
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Thank you James for visiting my post. I have been so very down today & I appreciate your kind words, it makes such a difference when somebody has listened when you are in despair. Bless you & this forum.
Warm wishes
Chris xx
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