My sweet baby girl I know you are doing well and I know you want me to let you go. I'm holding on to your memory. 14 years together and O how that time flew by so fast. You were so loving, sweet, and loyal. I'm glad that you are not here to experience this nightmare of a world that man has created with his evil. I love you and miss you..Enjoy yourself over the rainbow bridge.
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Hi Kiki’s mom,  I’m so sorry you lost your sweet girl! You had a long time together but now she is such a part of your heart and soul that it’s so hard to go on without her, I understand. I don’t think you will need to really let Kiki go however. She’ll be here in your beautiful memories and I think she will be keeping an eye on you from the rainbow bridge. Someday you’ll see her again. Thinking of you on this 6 month anniversary of your loss.  
Hugs to you!
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