5 years ago I lost my cat Rocko. He was on a slow decline and one day it just got so bad he threw up really really badly. Saliva was running down his mouth it was so bad. I took him to the vet. The vet did xrays and saw how much cancer he had in his intestines. I didn't want to wait anymore since he was in so much pain and had him put to sleep that day. Deep down I knew what was going on I think but I denied it so much it was like a surprise if that makes sense.

Is it normal to still be grieving this long? It's only when I let myself really think about it and it is easier to snap out of it and go on from day to day. His loss is always there though.

I tell myself as long as I remember him and remember how much I love him it's like he's still living. At the same time, what I wouldn't give to hold him in my arms again.

I think another reason why these feelings are more prominent in the last couple of years is because my cat, who I got around the same time as Rocko, is 18 years old. I know his time isn't too long from now. I can see he is tired. He looks a bit unkept and he sleeps a lot. I just don't know how I'm going to handle that. I wasn't in the room when Rocko passed. My mom was there and I know he loved her. I couldn't handle it. I know I need to be in the room with this one because I regret not being there for Rocko.

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Dear MyRocko,
You are not meant to "snap out" of anything. There is no time schedule to our grieving, so don't be afraid of still feeling the passing of Rocko. Or of still missing him or crying sometimes.

It is six years and three months (nearly four) since my good sweet girl and Soul friend Misty (dog) crossed out of this world, and I still send her my love every day. She is my little shining Light. I will remember her always and hold the love we share.
And yes there are still some times I cry and miss her so very much.

We are emotional, raggedy Beings. They are beautiful Souls in their true Home, waiting for us now.

But it is very true that they don't want to see us perpetually broken and lost. It would sadden them to see they have destroyed our lives -simply by the love they shared with us.

So though it is natural and normal to still cry from time to time because we miss them, it's good to find that love which is greater than all the pain, and hang onto that, and meanwhile do the happiest and best we can with our lives....
Until we are re-united. Which we surely will be if we keep love in our Hearts.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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I’m sorry for your loss. You are proof that we just never really get over their deaths. No matter how much time passes our hearts never completely heal.
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Our beloved pets have been an essential part of our lives....still are.  The love and bond we have formed are endless.  Times does pass, but, "the pain of their absence, the longing to hold them one more time, the tears so easily brought by a memory, these feelings will continue."

Rocko lives in your heat, because, "Our love for them does not have an expiration date."

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so , so sorry for the loss of your Rocko.....he was a beauty...........i lost my little girl cat Skittles, she was 14, its been 11 days, im just struggle to make it thru the day, doing what i have to,,,,she hadnt been feeling well, on sept 11, she refused her pills and food, i thought i would go out again and try later, i never saw her agaiun,,,we think she went off to die,,,,,its been devastating,,,,,i too have my 13 yr old boy cat Rascal, the love of my life and this has all put so much fear and axiety in me for when his time comes, i feel like it will kill me,,,,i try to enjoy every single second with him and love on him constantly,,,,just so damn hard,,,,im not sleeping good, not eating great, i ont have any real joy , except for loving on my rascal,,,i have a jpob, a boyfriend, a house, and lots of friends at work,,,im so down none of it seems to matter
michelle hansen
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