I still love and miss you Kitty Lou.  ((Lucy)) 14 yrs old 💔

Linda A.
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What a beautiful picture of Kitty Lou...sorry for your loss
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Your Kitty Lou is a beautiful kitty.  I had a cat named Kitty Lou, it has been many years but I think of him and what a baby he was.  I was on here 5 years ago for my cat Shanti, he truly was the cat love of my life and I also still miss him, I will always miss him.
Five years for me has brought some healing but some days it doesn't take much to make me feel the sadness once again.
How fortunate we are to have had such cats that we were so bonded with, they brought us such joy and that is why we have feel such pain.
Marlene Wagner
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Linda, I’m so sorry for your loss! Lucy is a very beautiful cat. Thank you for sharing her picture with us!
Hugs to you!
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