Today marks 5 weeks since I lost my little buddy.....I still talk to him, in his box, daily. And I'm confident that he knew how much I loved him.....

After my visit with Bruce, the animal communicator, it's been somewhat easier to cope with the loss. He told me several things that helped to slow the grieving and start to begin the healing. Bruce told me Diesel is ok with us getting a new puppy.......when I am ready.

My wife is handling the loss much better than I am and she has just now begun the "new puppy" talk......Not yet....but I'm beginning to open myself to the idea.  I miss my Diesel a ton....but nothing is ever going to bring him back........

Our house and hearts are so empty without him.  My wife says there's a little guy out there somewhere that needs us as much (or more) than Diesel did.......and that the little guy will help to begin to fill the giant hole in my heart.

I miss ya little bud.....
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These anniversaries are so hard! Will you do anything special today? My husband and I like to light a candle and talk about Bailey. I was out walking today and I met a girl with a beautiful German Shepherd and when I asked his name she said it was Diesel. I thought of you as I had never heard that name before I read your post. I'm glad that Bruce was able to help start the healing process. I know that you will always carry Diesel in your heart even if and when some other dog is fortunate enough to become a part of your family.
Take Care!
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i love the picture you attached and thanks for sharing it with us!  isn't it amazing what messages from our loved companions can do for our wellbeing and i'm so happy to read that you feel that you are able to start coping with your loss.  I think the first thing all of us want to assure ourselves is that our companions are ok and second that they still hear us and feel us when we give them rubs.  it's almost like when we get these messages of affirmation from our loved companions the weight of the world starts to shift from our burdened heart and shoulders and we begin the healing in our hearts.  i'm sure that when you are ready that diesel will be there in spirit helping to choose who gets to love you next.  many many hugs
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dear diesel daddy- thank you for sharing and yes your diesel is beautiful. its so horrible without our little mate by our side-i too am totally lost. i live here on own and just had my little kitty. im 4 weeks now. still totally lost and sad. at this stage i wont be able to get a new pet. if that ever happens is when my heart is ready to maybe consider. i also know i never want to feel like this again so im not sure if i ever will. when your heart is ready you may get another puppy and im sure you will love him- but i guess you will know when the time is right. take care- i feel your pain and everyone elses on here. elle
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Love the picture of your handsome Diesel and I'm so sorry for your loss!
Your wife is right. A new dog would be great company for both of you and would give you back that companionship but you need to grieve Diesel before moving on. All the best and I hope you will be able to share your heart again before too long.
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