5 weeks ago today I lost Precious my 15 yr old yorkie.She was my door greeter, my bestie and my road dog..This is my first Christmas in 15 years without her and I am so sad..Last year we took some pictures that are now unbearable to even look at..This was my first dog as an adult and the first I chose to euthanise..It was a peaceful transition for her and for that I am grateful.. How do you get through this pain? I went to a support group which was helpful. I try to be strong but the closer it gets to the holidays the sadder I get..Any advice is appreciated..I pray for all of your losses
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Aww your girl is adorable x am so sorry for your loss its a very hard thing to go through x people say times a healer ano that will be true , iam at 4& half month and am still struggling and will for a long time x this is my first Christmas too and I think all the first things are the worst x am sending love & huggs to you plz know I understand your pain

Annemarie xx
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I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for such a adorable picture of her with the Santa hat. I understand your pain, Charlie has been gone for a few weeks also. I am not good in giving advice but I am good in "Sending hugs".

Charlie's mom
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