This is my second or third post. I feel guilty because so many of you have just lost your babies and here I am with nothing much to contribute because I'm so stuck on my own grief.

It not only comes in waves. But each wave is different. I'm not in denial that she's gone, I'm just in a disbelief that I won't ever see her again.

I look at her pictures and can't hold it together. I can't believe this has happened. It's a weird feeling of sadness plus anger that my best friend who loved life, had to go. Is this some cruel joke by the universe?

To allow myself to love so deeply, only to have to feel this pain now..her ripped away.

I have to move forward, but I don't want too. Because she's not coming with me. I don't want a life without my soulmate.

I'm laying in bed having a hard time tonight. The holidays don't help.

I just wanted to vent. To be mad. To put this sadness somewhere because I feel like the loneliest person in the word tonight.
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I'm so sorry. There is nothing I can do to help ease your pain except tell you that you are not alone. I can't believe I'll never see my baby again either.
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I just lost my dog tonight. It is a sleepless night. I can feel your pain.

Warm hugs and take good care!
Pachino(April 10th,2010 to Dec.2nd,2016)
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Sending you hugs from afar. It always seems to be the ones who loved life most that lose it first, isn't it? I totally understand your feeling of having a "soulmate," I've had three pets in my life, but the one I just lost, suddenly and unexpectedly, was the one who seemed to understand me best. Think of the rest of us on this forum, all sleeping in emptier homes tonight, and we will think of you too.
Blitzen (Black Labrador, 1993-2007)
Billie (Blond tabby, 2009-2016)
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Don't feel guilty about your grief and reaching out. There is no right length of time. It is a very individual process that we each must go through. I'm on day 4 and wondering if I will ever feel sane again. But looking at these messages, and reading about how others are coping is helping. We will get through this. It will never be the same normal, it will be a new normal, and there will always be a hole in our hearts. Hugs to you.
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