My faith in Yahweh is the only thing that has dried my tears. It's been 5 months since my baby girl left me. I do get sad and sometimes all I can do is shake my head in despair. You were the only one who loved me and understood me. We understood each other. Sometimes we would just look into each others eyes and telepathically we understood one another. I'm trying to move on and today is much better than the day you left but it's hard and there is nothing I can do about it.
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I am sorry that you are still struggling with your loss. I wish I had the word to tell you that would help but there are none. Your faith will help you in this difficult time. Be strong an know it will get easier. 
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I am sorry about your loss.  Like Moscow883, I don't have the words to help other then this forum has been very helpful for so many.  Your faith will keep you going.  I have found comfort in my faith and finding Bible verses that give comfort.  It gets easier in increments, but the grief is still there.  Mornings are toughest for me - that was my special time with my baby.  We had a special bond and now that is over.  Bless you.
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