My Keeten... Today is four years that you went to Rainbow Bridge. I woke up today asking God to tell you how much I miss you.. to have kitten hugs and tell you how much I love you. My Wiley.. My best friend and soul mate. Life is not the same without you. I am not the same without you. I wish you were still here, healthy as you are in Heaven. I wish I could hold you and have kitten HUGS and play chase around the house like we did. Who would imagine a cat that chased their mom. You were so smart and funny, my Wiley Keeten. I miss your happy trill when I would ask you a question and how you would knock things off my vanity and start singing if I wasn't up when you wanted me to be.. I miss you waiting at the door whenever I come home and telling you about my day. You always made me feel better. I think about when we met.. How I thought the cage you were in was empty but then you curled your paw around the bars and pulled yourself up against them. When she let me hold you.. My first keeten hug. I started crying and said, "this is my cat!"... And oh how much I was right. You were my world and in many ways still are.. I am sorry I still cry every day. I just miss you so much the pain just gets to me sometimes.
I struggle with our last moments together, how I wish things had been different, I wish I had told you more. I still can't listen to "Best Friend" without crying.
This is such a hard day for me, my Wiley.. I always spend it with your brothers and sisters, Willow, DJ, Tanner, Fuzzy, and of course Alex and Riley... Oh how I wish they could have known you.
Please know that you are my greatest love and my soul. Please know I am doing the best I can to get thru this life without you by my side. Even doing laundry, I still look for you.. I remember when I was ready to go upstairs you would sit up on your hind legs so I would pick you up and carry you.. God I miss you so much.

I love you more than life, my sweet boy. My Wiley, my keeten.. my soul. Please know one day we will be together again forever. I am clinging to that..
Until then, I hope to see you in my dreams more so I can pet you and hold you.. I miss those kitten hugs so much.

"Oh you're my only one.. you're my sunshine and I really love the things that you do.. You're my Best Friend..."

I love you, Wiley ❤
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Thank you for that beautiful tribute to your baby Keeten. Your words convey your pure love for your little boy. Please accept my warm thoughts and hugs. 
K. Unger
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Thank you, Katie.. That means so much on this very sad day ((HUGS)) I love him so much.. Thanks for your kind words xo
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Dear Wiley Kitten,

Thank you for posting such a beautiful and well written post to your beloved boy "Wiley." You can easily read in your words how your love for one another was, and shall always remain eternal. 

My kindest regards,
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Thank you, James... I appreciate your words. Even after all this time, my heart is still so broken.
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It’s been just two months for me since I lost
My Roary and I was thinking today how I am no better now than I was the first week.
I am so sorry these great loves that we have known leave us so sad when they go.
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Thank you, Raven.. I am so sorry for the loss of your Roary. It's such a devastating loss. My thoughts are with you, also. I pray you are able to find some peace xo
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Youe post really got to me. My condolences. I just my amazing feline companion july 7th, and I 'see' him everywhere he used to be. It is over whelming at times, and unfortuately it doesn't matter whether I'm at work or not, I have moments. I would try to express the deep love and relationship I had with Talyn, but your words say it perfectly.
Ronnie A
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Thank you, Ronnie.. Talyn sounds like a very loved cat. I'm sorry your friend is gone.. I appreciate you taking time to console me in your grief.
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It is 623pm. Four years ago I was at the vet saying goodbye to my best friend. My heart is breaking, my keeten, remembering our last few moments. Remembering fifteen years of memories...
I love you so much, Wiley.
You're my best friend and soul.
Always in my heart and mind..
I miss you terribly and I want you to know I will never forget you ((hugs)) my beautiful boy, my keeten..
My Wiley ❤
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Hi Stacie,
I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. I am thinking of you and your beautiful Wiley and I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since he left for the rainbow bridge.
I loved reading about how Wiley curled his paw around the bars of the cage. I believe he knew his mom was there and he’d better let you know the cage was not empty after all. A friend recently said to me that animals have such amazing instincts. She said “they know when they meet the ones they want to spend the rest of their lives with” and in your case this happened early on so you were able to give Wiley a beautiful life filled with love and he gave you his heart forever and ever.
Thinking of you my friend. I know these anniversaries are never easy as they bring back the memories of that awful time when we had to day “Bye for now.” I hope you are doing okay. ❤️
Many hugs,
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My God, MJ.. That picture and writing are so beautiful. Thank you. No apologies necessary, my friend.. I knew I would hear from you. You've been there from the first day and all my babies. Yesterday was so difficult but I have had so much support here.

God bless you and thank you for reaching out ❤
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