As we all know, the anniversaries can sometimes be the hardest. For me it's been Sundays, as that's the last day I visited Misty at the ER and also when she passed there after I last visited her. (Actually right now is when I was last with her, seeing her struggling but still not knowing what was wrong so not wanting to give up.)

Just wanted to tell you how much I love you munchkin. The guilt is still pretty awful. Your sister is also still missing you and even dad (who doesn't express his feelings much) was saying how wrong it felt to just be fixing one food bowl, not seeing your face peeking around the door when he comes home, etc.

Mommy loves you to the moon and beyond, little one.
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Dear Debbie,

Friday was four months at the Bridge for T.J.  Whether it's four weeks, four months, or four years, we remember them with as much love and as much longing as ever.  In time, that sharp pain fades, though.  It's the one thing we can do without. 

Four weeks is such a short time tough.  Everything is still so fresh, so hard to believe, and so impossible to process.  Reality is coming back into focus, and time is moving forward whether we like it or not. 

I'm thinking of you and Misty tonight, sending as much healing energy your way as I can muster. 

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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Take peace in the fact that your beloved munchkin is in a place where she is happy and healthy.  You have nothing to feel guilty about.  In any life situation, we do the best we can with the information available at the time.  No one can predict these things.  I hope you feel her love tonight as you are sleeping.  She is surely watching over you (in between playing with all of her new found friends)!  If you have time, visit Ted's page.  There are a couple of poems that might help ease the pain a little.

Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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