My dearest Duncan,

It will be 4 months tomorrow since you passed. Not one day has gone by without the horrible pain stabbing at my heart. Loosing you has been a journey filled with loneliness and guilt. Please know my little man I did what was best for you. I couldn't put you through anymore prodding and pain, you were always so brave.

My little Duncan, thank you for the joy you brought to my life. I will love you forever.
I hope you are happy and pain free.  Have fun at the bridge, take care of Myles.
Waite for me, I will see you again one day.
Until then I will always look to the stars and know you are the brightest star shining down on me.

Love and kisses,

Mommy xx.
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Sorry for your loss.  My dog Im sure just met up with him today and they are running around together. 
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Time keeps moving us forward as one day turns into the next, a week has gone by and then another, and soon we begin to count off the months. What does not change for us, though, is the deep love we feel for our dear pets and the sadness we feel when we remember our loss.

I don't believe they want us to be unhappy without them. So to honor the love we shared, we can try to focus on the happy memories and the unconditional love we received. Their love is always with us, their spirits are always near. They are waiting for us to join them in our own time. They know they are loved.

Little Duncan is looking at you from the stars, knowing his mommy loves him just as much now as before. Please take comfort in knowing you gave him a wonderful life with you, a true loving home and mom that he might not have found anywhere else. He is sending you his sweet love so that you are never alone.

JRs Mom
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Thank you for taking the time to remember my beautiful Duncan. How time moves on, even if it brings pain. I know one day I will make peace with my decision to put my little man to sleep. In my heart I know it was the best decision for him. All the love we shared still lives on. I just miss him and all he was to me.

Yes, tonight I will look at the stars and say Good Night to him and all the other little companions that have passed.

Duncan's Mom.
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God bless you and your little man Duncan. He knows you love him and rest assured he will love you forever for the wonderful life you gave him.

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