Today marks 4 months i  lost my Fiona i miss her so much 4 months doesn't seem like a long time but it is got her stone yesterday waiting for warm weather to paint it & put her name on it and her death thanks to mother nature messing it up i gotta wait . :( 
Rhonda robenolt

*Love you always fiona & Mrs kitty 
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what a nice thing to do for your Fiona with the stone...........and yes 4 months is still new for me, when I lost my Munki on 12/3/15 (lil; over 4 mos) I just miss her so much. Journaling daily helps me.

I am sure you will be excited for the warmer weather, and painting the stone......a sweet thing to do!



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I agree! What a lovely tribute to your Fiona! :)

Anniversaries are so difficult! It was 5 months today for my little guy.
I'm so sorry for both your losses! ( Rhonda & Cam)
Hugs to you both!
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Awwww so sad!! :-(
I am sorry too for all of your losses! - Rhonda, Camunki & MJ
Hugs to all of you!
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