Its been the worst 4 months Ive ever experienced since my little buddy of 17 years passed away. Still heart broken, I miss my friend each and every day. Tears still come from time to time mixed with thinking of all the laughs and good times and I wonder how the time passed so quickly. I have noticed when Im deep in thought about my buddy he talks to me in signs. Things like 3 commercials in a row about dogs, the dogs are black and white or I'll be driving and see someone is walking a black and white dog as Im riding along thinking of him riding in the truck with me. Since his passing black and white swallow tail butterflies have landed near his grave and fly into the garden when Im watering the tomatoes and plants, he loved prowling the garden when outside. He lets me know he is still near. I know one day when I step into the light he will be sitting  there waiting for me, our bond goes beyond physical death. I was his master and he was my dog but we are best friends, 17 years of memories. Im still so broken hearted and miss my buddy each and every day. I remember back when it happened folks here told me it would be easier and get better but it only lessens in intensity, it never is okay, that is a part of life that will never be the same. Sometimes the sorrow is just as heavy as ever. I live alone and my right hand man has passed. His little body became diseased and couldnt contain his spirit anymore, a spirit so full and happy and loving. I know one day we will be reunited and never part again. I miss you my friend.
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I have just had my one year without her and the pain still overwhelms me i have to put it back in the special place in my heart that no one knows about and tell her I love her
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I believe the signs are there for us to see, and I am glad you are able to recognize them. Because as I read on this site, it doesn't get easier, it just gets different. I see how true that is every day since I lost Dobie. We will be with them again.
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