I had another dream about Kiki this morning. The only thing I can remember is knowing that she was there. I was watching Ellen today and it was a re-run episode. She read a study that explained that our dogs do love us. ( I already knew that) The study said that when we look into our dogs eyes and they look at us it stimulates feelings of love between the dog and the owner. Kiki and I would gaze into each others eyes daily and that is how we communicated with each other. She always understood me and I always understood her. I miss my little girl but nothing not even death can separate the love we had for each other.
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 You sound like you were very close which makes your grief so hard to bare.   I'd give anything for one last hug it's so difficult to have to find other ways of loving them and honoring their memory.  It's nice that you had a dream about Kiki, I hope it brought some comfort. 
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I love when I see my Isabella in my dreams running playing and giving wet kisses... forever in my heart..
Take care 
Isabella mom Adriane 
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