My keeten... yesterday marked 39 weeks that we have been apart. I feel so guilty I have been so preoccupied and busy I actually forgot to add your name to the candlelight ceremony list. It is the first time since you've passed away that I didn't post something for you and I am heartbroken that I forgot. I never forget about you my best friend... I can't fathom how I ever did last night. I am so sorry my keeten. .. i didn't even realize until i woke up this morning. As usual you were the first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes and then I realized I had missed the candle ceremony and I began to cry. It scared me that life got in the way to a point where I forgot about doing that for you... And me. You are always the first thing on my mind I'm so sorry, best kitten. So very sorry. ..
So now i will post what i would have said:

My best friend... it is been 39 weeks since my life changed forever. My heart is still so broken after you left I don't imagine it ever not feeling this way. Sadness consumes me for many reasons but none of them can even begin to compare to not having you here with me. I can't believe so much time has gone already and I can't believe it's real. Please know that I love you so much, more than you'll ever know and more than anyone could ever fathom.
More than I ever imagined being capable of loving another living thing, I love u.

I miss u, my precious Wiley. .. best kitten ever. ..
Best friend. .. my soul.
(((Kitten hugs))))
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Oh Stacie,
Please don't feel badly about forgetting the candlelight ceremony. You are so devoted to Wiley - it's admirable. I just know he is honored by the love you have for him but I think he may be worried about how sad you have been. He will likely be more at peace if he knows that you are. I know it's not easy: I will miss Bailey and think of him until the day I die. After all, they were our "Best Friends"!
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Thinking of you and Riley! MJ is right - you have nothing to feel guilty for. Your love for Wiley is wonderful but try and look after yourself too.
Hugs to you!
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