Goodmorning my keeten. . I am laying here with DJ and Tanner thinking about u. I miss u so much, my best friend.
Willow just jumped up here..
The kittens are doing well since their surgery. I took them for a follow-up yesterday and they are healing very well. I must say Riley looks so much like ui sometimes do a double-take. This is good and bad as u can imagine, but regardless, i love her and Alex so much. U would have so much fun playing with them if u were here. All the other cats are finally joining in and they do make me laugh.
I can remember playing with u and how we would chase each other and scare each other and id start laughing and ud do ur happy trill and id pick u up and ud bury ur face in my neck purring. ..God how much I miss that. Alex kind of gives kitten hugs its sweet i tell her how her brother used to do that and she purrs.... Riley isnt big on being cuddled unless shes sleepy but she reminds me of u when u didn't want to be held haha that look of disgust as she pushes my face away, arms locked straight haha
I miss u, my Wiley. ..laying here right now imagining u by my side waiting for me to get up and get u ur shnack. Remember how id say "hey keeten u want ur shnack?" and ud jump up and run to the kitchen. ...such a smart keeten.

I love u more than life, my best friend, keeten lover sweet.
I long to see u again. .. my heart is just not the same without u.

My life is not the same without u...
(((Kitten hugs)))
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Sorry for your loss.

October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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Thank u xoxo
Ur bailey is beautiful


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