My best friend it is now 35 weeks I still can't believe it. Today is the kind of day where I would have loved to have come home and open this back window and just watch outside with you. I have shown Riley the back window but she looks so much like you that it only reminded me of you and we decided to look out a different window. I miss you so much my keeten lover sweet. The other day I heard Best Friend on the radio and I started to cry thinking of you and how my heart misses you. The kittens are doing well since their surgery healing quickly which is good they are back to being crazy kittens which also reminds me of you. I find myself singing them the songs I made up for you and telling them stories about the Big Brother they never met. Tanner DJ Willow Abbeyboo Fuzzy and Sevyn are also doing well. The house just is not the same without you here I know we all feel tge difference. ..
I'm sorry that this letter is sad, my best friend. .. I have been sad lately missing you along with other thoughts and feelings I'm having. I always had you to come home to when I had a bad day or a bad week... Bad whatever. Your brothers and sisters are great listeners and I love them all so much I could not get through the last 35 weeks without them. You, however, were my soul and I know a part of me died the day you did.
I have not been the same since you left this Earth I don't know how to explain where I'm at but it's definitely not where I was when you were here. My heart is still so broken and I know many of the cracks it will never heal until I see you again. I'm sorry that I'm still so sad and missing you so deeply so many people have tried to encourage me and I have so much support but I just can't help how I feel... The love I have for you his immeasurable even this distance and time cannot destroy it. I pray that you come see me in my dreams and let me know how you are. I still can't really look at pictures of you or the videos of you because it makes me so sad knowing that I'll never have you here again. Sometimes I catch myself looking and I do smile remembering you but then I remember that you're gone... and my heart breaks all over again. Not all the days are so depressing but every day has an underlying sadness that I just can't overcome.
Too much loss at one time but to have lost you words cannot describe the void. I know that you are doing so well in heaven but I want you here with me again...

I love you so very much, my precious Wiley xoxo
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The weather is nice now but I hate going outside....They are always there and then one day they are not.  
Sue E
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You are so faithful in your posts to your beloved Wiley! So nice to see! - you letter was very touching as always.
Hugs to you!
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Wileykitten.. You're right.  Apart of me died when My Winston did.  We were together 12 wonderful years.  How do you ever forget a best friend, a love, a huge part of your life?  You don't.  I miss Winston hogging my bed and leaving me a tiny space to sleep in...lol  His barking directly at me when it was time to eat, go to sleep or go out.

I will remember these things for all time.  The only thing I don't like remembering is his last day.  Which plays over and over in my head like a stuck movie. I still can't look at pictures of him, or listen to music.  Every song has something in it that relates to my feelings of Winston.  I know I did the right thing.  That is my only solace.  Sending prayers and Hugs   Sue
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I'm sorry you're feeling so sad Stacie! Grief is such a difficult process to go through. I haven't heard " Best Friend" on the radio since Bailey died but I do play it on the 10th of each month while we light a candle for him. I miss singing it to him.
Thinking of you and wishing you brighter days ahead!
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What a lovely (and sad) letter to your Wiley. You are such a devoted mom. Wiley knows how much you love him and he is at peace. Wishing you peace as well!
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Thank u all for ur kindness and thoughts xoxo im so sorry u are all missing ur babies, too...
It is so hard and im grateful we have each other to lean on and talk to.
Its been a rough road.

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