Today it's been exactly 3 weeks since my beautiful girl Layla left her little sister Arya and me. It's been a very sad and hard 3 weeks, and I know this journey isn't even close to the end. I think the pain will never go away. 18 years together was a very long time and we were so bonded. I'm so thankful for Arya and I love her just as much, but I will always miss Layla. All I can do is look at her videos and pictures, and I'm practically living on her memorial residency here at the Bridge and the website that I've designed especially for her to honor her memory. I just can't stop visiting either site because I feel like she's still here near me. We did get her ashes back and I'm setting up a little corner for her in the house, but it's not the same. I need to see her alive in pictures and videos. I also find a lot of comfort in the guestbook entries, comments, private messages, and sympathy cards I've been receiving through this site and my own. Thank you so much to all those who've reached out. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to responding to each of you individually yet, but I'm so grateful for strangers who can understand my grief even better than some of my friends. One of you recommended a couple of books on Amazon and I've ordered them in hopes they'll help me cope at least a little bit. Arya keeps me sane but life just isn't and never will be the same. I miss Layla so much. She was a very special and beautiful kitty. Here are the links to her residency and website in case you want to pay her a visit and/or learn more about her:

I don't want my sweet girl to be forgotten. I know I will never forget her, but I'm afraid that eventually everyone else will. I don't have any close family and to most of my friends she was "just one of my cats" and time will erase their memories of her. She wasn't as special to them as she was to me. Her three-year-old sister Arya is also still missing her, but she's adjusting to her absence better than I am. I'm actually thankful for that because I don't want her to get sick or suffer. With an 18-year-old cat battling kidney disease, I knew this day would come, but you can never be prepared. My girls are everything to me and I'm completely heartbroken now that one of them is no longer with us.  
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Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Layla. 18 years IS a very long time! All the more difficult because you would have formed such a strong bong with each other. It's good that you are finding comfort on this forum with so many others who know what you are going through and can offer sympathy and empathy and so nice that you have Ayra although she know doubt misses Layla too. Together will make it through and don't worry because Layla will never be forgotten. She'll stay in your heart forever! Peace,
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I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s hard when we’re marking time. I’m happy to hear that you have Arya with you. Layla will never forget what a wonderful mom you were to her.
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Laylas Mom-
Your story reminds me so much of my own with my wonderful black cat Raven, who had to leave me just before Easter this year. Like you, I have no close family anymore and at times Raven was the only thing keeping me going. My younger cat, Roswell, still misses her after almost 8 months, as do I. There are some animals who touch our lives and hearts in the most magical way, and when they leave us, part of our heart and soul goes with them. May you find peace and feel your baby's love all around you and Arya at this sad time, and wonderful memories comfort you.
Blessings from Marie and the crew 🐱🐌🐊
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  I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby boy Opie B on sunday and was the hardest thing I have every experienced. Everything you are saying in your post is how I am feeling. I pray that Layla will wrap her little paws around you and hold you through this suffering. 
God bless and take care. 
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