Well this saturday will be 3 weeks my beloved Fiona has been gone i can't get over how fast it has gone it has felt like forever I am still getting over her death slowly i can't mention anything about her death to my husband or i will hear you need to move on I know i do but its still hard had a crying spell this morning when everyone left for work i miss her so much i always will . Sorry about rambling just had to get this off my mind having a cat for 12 yrs its hard to get over in 3 weeks  12376753_1171066579588086_5314987317947164848_n.jpg 
Rhonda robenolt

*Love you always fiona & Mrs kitty 
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hi, I never think of it as moving on....i think of it as moving forward, in a slow process, I know in my heart i will never "get over" a pet or move on...i only move forward, keeping that pet soul connect to mine,forever.

3 weeks is so new, and it will take a long time to grieve. I am going on 5 weeks today since i lost my girl Munki, she was 13 years old...i think of her all the time, and i cry everyday, yes, i miss her.

Please know you are not alone, feel your feelings for your beloved Fiona and know that again, you will meet......



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What a cutie. Yes 3 weeks is a short time but to you living each day without your baby is heartbreaking. I remember that empty sick feeling after my little Duncan passed. You are in my thoughts. Take each day at a time. Remember that love never dies, Fiona is with you. Write about her here, that will help. We all know how you are hurting. 
Sending a big hug your way.

Gertie. xx
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I get to move on too. 15 years move on today is 28 days alone. What I know maybe will help you some. I know God loves me and he loves you and he loves. Fiona. It was he who put you together for 12 wonderful years. Life is as long as a blink of an eye and Fiona Will be so happy to see you and you will hold her in your arms again. Those tears will be of joy. I believe this with all my heart
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I'm sorry you aren't getting more support from your husband. I've found that is one of the hardest things about losing a pet -- that others don't think you should grieve for very long. Have you looked into whether there are any pet loss support groups near you? Our local SPCA hosts one once a month. It might be helpful to be around people who understand your grief.

Hang in there. I had to say goodbye to my 15-year-old dog a little over a month ago. It gets a little better every week.
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