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Robertian~ I am very sorry for your loss of Gemma. I understand and feel everything that you describe. Just coming home from work, backing into the driveway,  I still sometimes get the little skip in my mind/heart-- 'can't wait to see Lucy'. Lasts a few seconds & then I realize that she's not here. When it happens I feel like getting back into the car & driving to anywhere. I am thankful that you are getting signs from Gemma. I hope these help cut through the pain & hollow feelings. It's wicked. She's with you. Your love & bond was that strong.  Hugs, Kasey
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Gemma's daddy, I am so sorry for your loss. Loving our babies so much equals the same amount of grief we must bear. Gemma was your world, as Molly was mine, so there is no time limit on our suffering my friend. It's been a month for me and the pain is still as raw as if it were yesterday. I can't imagine ever coming to terms with it and I miss her so much every day. Everyone on here is so wonderful and it's the only place I feel others truly understand and I gmhope you are finding some comfort too in knowing you are not alone. Sending you big heart felt hugs, you are a wonderful dad. Xxx
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Thanks everyone for your kind comments . All of us have felt the sorrow of losing our loved one . Strange never bothered me as much when i lost my parents , friends or other pets , but the loss of gemma has just seemed to take away all the happiness in my life .

Kasey your comments are so true every time i come home as you say for a split second it.s the excitment of seeing gemma then the awful memory that i won't .When in the car it reminds me of the day i took her up to the vet then the crematorium, and bringing her ashes home they had to sit on her chair, couldn't put them in the boot it seemed to do that would be disrespectful to someone who gave me more love and devotion than any human.

Evie123 if like me your journey has a while to go , first it's the memories of her , then the reminders that she has gone . Little things like no hair in vacuum cleaner to miss the smell of your pets wet hair when it has been raining . I hope you get to your happy memories quickly but they even hurt more as the good times were the best.

Love , hugs , thanks and best wishes to all 
Gemma's Daddy
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