My keeten.. yesterday was 29 weeks and I am missing u still u. I am at work looking at ur picture on my computer and I realized I had not written to u this week. I am so sorry... i have been thinking about u so much and missing ur kitten hugs. 
Alex and Riley are getting so big and Riley is doing so many things u used to do. She looks so much like u, my best friend. Her and Alex are just so much fun I wish u were here to play with them. I am always telling them about ther brother, Wiley and ur crazy antics.
I caught myself singing some of the songs I made up for u over the years recently... songs I had forgotten because ther was no one to sing them to.. I have made up new ones for ur brothers and sisters but singing "who's that lover kitten sweet..." just came out of me the other day and I started to cry. I couldnt help but wonder if u could hear me...
I have to bering the kittens to the vet tonight and I am always sad at the vet remembering the last time I took u there and how my life changed. Forever changed...
It is the end of my work day and I am wanting to see u when I get home but I know u are there even if I cant. I just miss u so much, my keeten...so much has changed.
My sweet angel I know u are always with me and my heart is always with u...all the broken pieces are filled with memories of those 15 years together...
15 wonderful years, my best keeten. 15 very short years.
I keep looking at ur beautiful face on my computer screen and remembering so many things... still feeling so sad and guilty I couldnt save u from the cancer that invaded u.
Damn cancer.
But u were a fighter, still playing and giving me kitten hugs... u knew I needed u.
I still need u, my precious Wiley. Ur brothers and sisters need u... I pray that u come visit them as I believe they can see u.
I wish I could....
I must lock up now, the office is closing and the silence is getting to loud for my anxious and broken mind.
Its a beautiful day, my best friend... 60 degrees and I will be thinking of sitting in the window enjoying the fresh air with u.

I love u more than life, my keeten lover sweet.
I love u so so very much xoxo 
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So sorry. Sounds like a once in a lifetime friend. I felt that way about my little pumpkin. Hugs to you.
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Im sorry about pumpkin too xoxo
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I am sure they are still looking after us in some way. Bonds like that don't just fade. ❤️
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GOD BLESS!!! Every entry deserves a response!  I acknowledge the deep longing for your beloved fur friend, that's why we are here!  We totally understand and take that heart of yours and give it a big SQUEEZE AND HUG!  Oh how we miss them, to hold them, but I try to remind my own self that I /we will see them again!!  Yes indeed, they have a soul created by God and now in heavenly fur body, recognizable as many stories reveal that their loved one in heaven are always recognizable!  Amen!  You will recognize your beloved, so perhaps this will help this day ok?   I pray that Jesus give you a sign from above!! Vicki
Vicki Mattingly 
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Blessed be xoxo thank u and God's Peace upon ur hearts as well (((hugs)))
I do believe that our pets are in heaven waiting for us... That is my solace, I just miss my best friend. I wasn't ready to let him go.
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I always find your words to Wiley so touching and heartfelt.  I'm so pleased to hear that the little ones are growing and thriving.  I think of you and Alex and Riley so very often.

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