My best friend it is now 27 weeks so I just can't believe so much time has gone on without you here with me. It's been a rough year already and I wish I could still get my kitten hugs everyday. I keep replaying things in my mind about when you were here and wish I had done things differently. I wish I could have saved you from the cancer... Such an evil disease and it invaded my home and took my best friend...it took my keeten and I couldn't stop it and I'm so sorry. Everyday I regret that I couldn't save you. Everyday I regret that you're gone...
The candle I bought you for Valentine's Day burned out today... I will get you another one I hate when your candle isn't lit I know it sounds stupid but seeing the flame dance by your picture it is like being able to see you again. So I hate to see the glass empty. I also don't want you to think if its not lit I forgot you because I will never ever forget you you are always in my heart and on my mind. I just love you so much, Wiley... I'm trying so hard to move on, start over without you but its so hard. All of your brothers and sisters are doing well... I tell the kittens all about you all the time, they do so many things that you used to do sometimes I feel like you've come here to see them. I wish I could see you again... I haven't even seen you in my dreams I wish you would come see me in my dreams I just want to touch you again and hold you and we could dance and I would sing "Best Friend" as you bury ur face in my neck, clinging to my shoulder purring. I just miss you so very much nothing is the same anymore, my best friend...

"You know ill never be lonely. .. you're my only one and i really love the things u do....
You're my Best Friend"

I love u forever, my keeten xoxo
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Oh how lovely and so much emotion xxx
I'm so sorry.
I understand how u feel , I'm also the same over you about the candles,
I light my candles , if I run out or like u the glass is empty it's not right.

My sweet cat Ocelot passed on last October 12th.
The Emptiness is unbearable in my heart. She was 19.

Sending love to u

Niki xxx
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Niki I am so sorry for the loss of ur beautiful Ocelot xoxo 19 is a great age for a cat she had such a good life and i can tell u love and miss her so much ((HUGS))
I am here to listen as we all are, please feel free to post anytime and let us know how u are doing.
I understand the emptiness u speak off and yes, it is the worst pain in the universe.
I will keep u and Ocelot in prayer and ask my Wiley to watch over him until u get there xoxo
I promise u will see him again one day in Heaven. For now I pray u find comfort in knowing Jesus has made her whole again and she is running and playing in the sunshine until she gets to see her mom again...
That is my solace.

With so much love,

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