Best friend... Is now 25 weeks since you left and today feels like the first day you were gone. I've cried so much today missing you my keeten I just wish you were here. I miss you so much I hope you can hear everything I say to you everyday, and as an angel I hope you can feel everything my heart feels thinking of you and missing you. I feel like you've come to see Alex and Riley and your other brothers and sisters. They all seem to be more playful than they have been since you left... And Riley does so many things that you did, her and Alex follow me all over the house like you did. It's like having you here again but I know that they are their own kittens I just wish you had some type of influence on them and I'm grateful. I just miss you so much... I just miss you so much. So here I am 25 weeks without my best friend still loving you more than anything I'm constantly remembering what life was like with you here with me. I really need a kitten hug I miss so so much and I miss holding you as we danced and sang "Best Friend" and you would hold so tight to my shoulder and purr... then we would play with your favorite toy, Legs. Now both him and the catnip banana I gave you for your birthday on the shelf... I let Riley sniff
Legs the other night and she went to town... I told her that was her brother she smelled on that toy and when I went to take it from her she grabbed it. But I had to take it from her as I don't want any of the other cats playing with those two toys. They're yours and they symbolize our special time before bed. It is bedtime now as I write this am I remembering so many special things with you... And wishing you were here.
I love u more than life, my keeten lover sweet. ..
Nothing compares to u and the bond and love we share.
Nothing ever will. ♡
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