My keeten... it is now 24 weeks since i last saw u. 24 weeks since i held u, cuddled u... 24 weeks since my last kitten hug. I am missing u so much, my Wiley. I am in such a dark, sad place and i need u here with me. I don't know how to live without u, even after all this time. .. I keep hoping u will come visit me in a dream...
Nothing is the same anymore, Wiley...
I am not the same.
Im so sorry i couldn't save u im so sorry my keeten.. id give anything to have u back.

I love u so much, my keeten lover sweet.
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Been 8 weeks for me an I feel exactly as you do.  Doubt it will EVER get better.
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Im so sorry xoxo i remember 8 weeks. ..and 9 and 10...
Its a void that can never be filled.

I will keep u in prayer my friend xoxo
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Hi Stacie,
It's been 4 1/2 months for me, missing the little guy so much. I have felt Little Boy's presence a couple of times, and I want to believe.
I've thought about you and hopes for your well being.
Peace be with you.
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Hi Scott... thank u for thinking of me. I saw a picture of a cat w wings that said "When u feel me in ur heart, look up and I will be there" I cant tell u how much i looked up this weekend and last night. I couldnt stop crying until i finally fell asleep. 
Im sorry ur still feeling the same xoxo

I really dont think it gets easier. Things happen in life and are magnified because of the loss of my keeten... I always think it wouldnt be so bad if Wiley was here...

Love always,
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2 weeks for me and I am completely devastated. I am so sorry for your loss.x
I will love you forever my angel
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So fresh and new for u ((HUGS)) I am so sorry... I will pray for u. Its such a devastating emptiness.
My thoughts are with u during this awful time.
U are not alone xoxo
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