My kitten... Here I am again thinking of you. I miss you so much I can't believe it has been 22 weeks already. I just miss you so so much... depression and anxiety has been so bad and it would be so good to be able to hold you and have my kitten hugs whenever I need them... I can't believe I will never have another one. Your brothers and sisters are doing well. Willow is still a little sad... Right now she's laying in your spot downstairs with Tanner. DJ is starting to get a cold and I'm hoping nobody else will get it. Alex and Riley are getting so big so fast. They still look like little kittens, but their face shape is starting to look more cat like... Riley does so many things you did, sometimes I can't help but wonder if you have come here and visited her and Alex. I would give anything to have you here... I have your pictures everywhere so no matter where I go in the house I can see my keeten... because you are always with me wherever I went inside this house. 22 weeks and I have learn to move forward... But I am not the same as I was before you left. My heart is so broken Wiley at least before, no matter what was happening I still had my best friend... my keeten. I still cry so much. You being gone just adds to the sadness of any situation. I still can't believe that you're not here. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you I'm so sorry my Wiley, that I didn't take you to the specialist sooner I honestly never imagined it was cancer. We all thought you were just getting upper respiratory infections more because you are older and couldn't fight it off as well as before. I'm so sorry... I'm your mom I should have done more and I can't forgive myself. By the time we thought it could be something more serious, I just couldn't put you through all the tests and procedures... I just love you so much I didn't want you to suffer through any of that but I regret not doing something sooner because you might still be here if I had. Best Friend i miss u so much and i need u here...
I'm sure you are doing so well in heaven... but God doesn't need you like I do... Not to be disrespectful because He gave you to me it was the greatest thing ever ask for, the greatest 15 years of my life... I just thought I would have so much more time with you. I just wanted so much more time with you...
So here I am 22 weeks without my best friend in your without your mom over 15 years we were never apart... I don't know how to live without you I don't know how to move on and let you go. I'm so scared that I'll forget things in memories one day I'm so scared of that...
Wiley my precious Wiley... mommy loves you more than anything I'm sorry that after all this time I'm still so sad but I can't help it..
My heart is just so broken.

I love u (((kitten hugs)))
I just love u...so so very much, keeten lover sweet.

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I am so sorry to hear you are still suffering the loss of your kitty.  Don't know why I am surprised as I know I will ALWAYS grieve the loss of my Molly.  Nothing is ever the same when you that "once in a lifetime" pet.  They are all loved, but some just wind themselves so tightly around you heart you can't breathe when they are gone.  It is just 7 weeks for me and I am still raw with longing to hold and kiss her so I do understand how you feel.

Wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom to give you to take away the pain, but you know I don't.  Take care and I am sending you love and hugs.
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Thank u xoxo i am so sorry for ur loss as well. I can remember 7 weeks and i know the struggle u are in. I read ur last reply to me im sorry I didn't get back to u.. U said "at our age..." i understand what u are saying... but i wouldn't completely dismiss the idea of adopting again or even fostering for a local rescue group. Animals enrich our lives in such a way... my heart breaks not only for ur loss but that u feel u should not allow another in due to ur age. Perhaps making "arrangements" with family would help u feel better about adopting again? Fostering is a great way to have a pet in ur life that also helps one without a home have one until a forever home comes along... just something to think about.
No one who loves animals should ever be without one... or more xoxo
I can tell u loved ur baby dearly please take comfort in knowing she knew that and loved u even more. She would not want u to be alone...
U have so much love to give, please consider all the many options. U will see ur baby again one day... she will be waiting at the Gates of Heaven, tail wagging like crazy... and u will never be apart again.
Please keep in touch and let me know how u are doing. I will keep u in prayer.

Much love,
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I've already decided there is no way I can live life without some sort of fur, feather or scale in my home. 

I have made provisions for the care of my pets in the case of my death.  If my family can't or won't then I will leave an endowment with a local shelter who promises to take care of the pet and try to find it another home. 
A Dog's Last Will & Testament
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