My keeten... I am missing u terribly. So much is happening and I need my best friend...
Alex and Riley are getting longer growing so fast. I wish u were here I can see u running around with them and teaching them so much. The other cats dont want to be bothered. They just watch...
I have given the kittens full reign of our house and they love the basement. I remember how ud run down there to get away from Willow when she was a baby and shed follow u... u were so annoyed :)
She isnt the same now, either. Usually spends her time alone now that ur gone.
Have u found grammas kitty, Pooky? I told her to look for u before she passed on..
Gramma says shes doing ok but I cant imagine how, as here I sit 21 weeks after u left and still cry... every day I cry missing u, my keeten lover sweet.
Im sorry I couldn't light ur candle today I need to get a new fire stick tomorrow I forgot today, so much on my mind...
Its getting so cold out.. snow isn't far now. I miss sitting in the window w u watching it fall... and watching the backyard at night in the moonlight, ur eyes in such wonder if all the things I couldn't see. I still can't look out that window, best keeten. I did show Riley quickly, but I started to cry and had to walk away.
I caught myself singing the song I made up for u while getting breakfast ready the other day... I got a little teared up.
I miss u, my Wiley... Please come see me in a dream again I just want to hold u so close again.

I love u so much xo
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Just found your post and I want to let you know how sorry I am for your loss.  Every pet is SPECIAL and their loss devastates us.  It has been 6 weeks for me and I am still sobbing.  Our Molly was our only pet and she was our whole life.  I wish you peace and I would suppose it helps a little to have others to still love.  My arms ache to cuddle a fur ball, but at our age a new pet would most likely outlive us and we have no one to care for them after we are gone.  This forum is a place where everyone understands and can send you love and comfort. 
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