Monday marks a long 20 weeks since my best friend passed away. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, yet im still in disbelief. Wiley was my best friend and soulmate. I still cry everyday in my anguish that is being without him. He has left behind 2 brothers and 4 sisters, and now 2 little girls he never met. Im heartbroken they never got to be around him and learn from him..
This past Thursday was the first New Years Eve in 15 years I did not watch the ball drop with my keeten. As I enter into this new year I still ache to hold him and play w him and sing "Best Friend" as he purred clinging to my shoulder and we danced.. This year will be different, but I have hope...
I honestly don't think it ever gets "easier" to lose our pets, I merely believe our hearts tell our minds we must learn to live differently,
and not be afraid to love again. The pain is unbearable but I wouldn't trade and ounce of the time I had with my Wiley because of it, nor be afraid of this pain and not allow another animal to take up residence in my heart.
I remember how much Wiley hated to see me sad... I think that is why he sent me Riley and Alex.
I know he still sees me cry, tho, and I would give anything to feel his kitten hugs again..
Like writing this, tears falling and I cannot see.. I can close my eyes and hear the cracks in my heart popping. I need a kitten hug.

My Wiley...
Please know u are my soulmate and I love u more than life. I have never had any living thing mean to me all u do. Im so lost without u, my best friend..

"Ooh u make me live whenever this world is cruel to me, I got u to help me forgive... ooh u make me live- You're the first one when things turn out bad...
You know ill never be lonely, ur my only one and I love, I really love those things that u do...
You're my Best Friend
...You're my sunshine and I want u to know that my feelings are true,
I really love u.... my Best Friend"

(((Kitten hugs))))
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You said it very well:  " I honestly don't think it ever gets "easier" to lose our pets, I merely believe our hearts tell our minds we must learn to live differently,
and not be afraid to love again."

I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't trade any of the time I had with Jamie. She taught me so much, and was such a sweet little love, that it was easy to open my heart to Abby and Casey. Yes...my eyes do still get wet at times, like while reading your post, but their sweet little faces bring joy back into them.

Blessings to you.

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((((HUGS)))) thank you

Blessings to u also, my friend
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It's funny, and awesome really, isn't it? How certain animals just feel like your soulmate? I lost my little guy just a few days ago, but like your Wiley he was my soulmate. Wiley was so lucky to have your love. I'm sure he felt your complete engagement with him, and I think for an animal that makes life really golden. A lot of pets... maybe most... never really get that, even though they may be well taken care of.

Jim, I'm glad to know there will come a time I'll be ready to bring home another animal to love. I'd welcome the distraction right now, frankly, but I don't think it would be fair to the animal while I'm still so stuck in grieving for my little Petey. I loved him so much and can't imagine ever feeling anything remotely like that for another pet.
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Karen thank u for the kind words xoxo im so sorry about the loss of ur sweet Petey ((HUGS)) how thoughtful of u to write us when ur own pain and loss are so new.
I would love to hear about Petey id u are able to share...

Love, Stacie
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