Today is 2 years since my beautiful Dewey Boy went to the Rainbow Bridge. It's been so hard without you my boy, i talk to you everyday and i love and miss you so very very much.You be there with Angel, Bandy and Tinkerbell, and be happy and wait for the day when Mommy will join you all and we will all be together again some day. Dewey you are forever in my heart, it still hurts so much without you,
. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and forever,  Mommy
Christina Naugle
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Dear Christina,

Sending our most heartfelt wishes on this difficult day, two years since your precious Dewey had to leave.
Have no doubt that your Dewey is with Angel, Bandy and Tinkerbell, they are all playing and running so freely.
I would love to hear more about Dewey and your babies, of course I completely understand if you aren't feeling up to it at this time, whenever you are ready, there is no rush.

I post these candles in honor of your Dewey and his two year Angelversary. 

Image result for heart candles photos

May the warmth of Dewey's love forever be felt so deeply in your heart. 
Sending our wishes for peace, strength and healing.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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