Two years ago, my beloved Pocket passed. She was 18-years-old. Tomorrow, will be her marker. She was so wonderful. She would get the mail for me, and take into the house and drop. She would "speak" at the door for me to let her in. She is my heart. There is nothing quite like the love from a furbaby. No more seizures.
I will spend some time praying tomorrow and honoring her great spirit.
This site, was key in getting the support I needed. Ginny, is such an angel to have a place to heal. I literally don't know what I would have done without it. Being with others who can truly understand the heartbreak and situations that surround a loved passing, is the only thing some of us had. Our world's depended on those gentle souls. They offered comfort when the world would not.
I will honor human friends as well.
Allow grief, but always remember the life they gave us. Remember, those softer times. They formed us. That is the steps to healing. God Bless, Renny
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Hail to Pocket in Heaven!

She sounds like she was a great friend!
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