It's been a little over a month now since i had to put my sweet Pyr down. I can't seem to find peace. He was my first dog and the first pet I ever had to euthanize. I stayed with him he fought the euthanasia. I can still see his face,the struggle, the fear. They made him wear a muzzle as he died. I am beyond heartbroken. I don't know who to talk to without being admitted at this point. I see no purpose in life because he was my life. I feel so much guilt and regret. The "what ifs" never stop. He was the sweetest dog, he would always listen, he was my snuggle bug. He walked perfectly on the leash he did not have food aggression nor toy possessiveness. He would be so happy to see me every day and his favorite thing was being held. He was a 100lb lap dog. He had one problem, and that was random aggression. He would attack at random every few months. I would say hey bud coming home from work as I usually do he would be so excited than he would flip he would jump and bite me over and over snarl and bark. I never understood. I would be covered in bruises. I looked like I got beat up. I went through several trainers, a neurologist and my vet. They said I had to euthanize him, that he couldn't be fixed. Where they right? I feel so guilty. I wanted to run away with him. I wanted to keep trying. But now I don't have a choice. He lays in a wooden box in my living room, I will never see him again.
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He is so beautiful xoxo i am so sorry u lost ur best friend. I know all too well the immense pain and heartacheu are feeling. Pyr was a lucky dog to have someone who loves him so much and he will always be w u in ur heart. .. One day u will ve reunited and never be separated again.
It will take time so allow urself to grieve and be gentle w urself. Euthanasia is so very hard there are no words for havibg to make that decision but we do it because we love them so much we don't want them to suffer and they know that.

I have no doubt Pyr knows u loved him that much and he loved u even more. U gave him a wonderful life he may have never known if it wasn't for u...

I will keep u in prayer (((HUGS)))
Please let us know how u are doing

Love, Stacie
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Drasavia - I am sorry for your loss, first. It sounds as if there was sadly something wrong, but it doesn't make things easier. Sometimes animals, just like some humans, bring "stuff" with them in life when they enter it. We don't wish it on anyone or anything, but sometimes it happens. I look at pics of my Beau as a puppy now and think, we had no idea this innocent and free spirited little boy would be taken by cancer 9 years later, well before his time. Hoping you will realize that his random aggression may have been a challenge for him too. But it sounds as if he got lots of love through it all. Again, I am sorry.
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Oh sweetie, soooo sorry for your loss. I know the pain you had not only with losing your beloved at just 2 years, but also with strange behaviors. I lost my 2 year old Samoyed a month ago tomorrow, and though he died of sudder heart attack, I do notice he gets snarly and nips hard at nights. I just stay away from him when he is on his bed or resting. After he passed, hubby and I chat about the memories we had with him. We never did figure out why he would get so worked up and nipped hard and in unpredictable ways. Maybe our snow dogs have a wolf like instinct and something triggered in our dogs?

Hugs and be kind to yourself. You dI'd the best for him and your safety and others.

Frosty Joy 5/14 - 7/16
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Thank you everyone. Some days are harder than others. He was my first dog. He was my first child to. It's hard to not blame myself. I always replay everything in my head. He was to young to die. I don't know what other choices I had. If I rehomed him he could of hurt someone or he could of had a great life. I will never know because nothing is an option anymore.
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