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We lost my best friend Maci, a two year old Siberian Husky about 5 months ago from osteosarcoma and I’m still upset about it. Maci had the best personality she loved meeting and greeting new people dogs and was always crazy and had a lot of energy. We took her to the dog park twice a day every day of the week except if it was raining. She had a good life. One day she was at the dog park and hurt it, and she started limping on it. We thought nothing of it until she continued to limp for 3 days in which we took her to the vet and found out it was osteosarcoma. The vet recommended we amputate immediately which we did and even then the vet said she would only have a couple months. After the amputation, Maci did not handle it well. Being the active, social dog that went to the dog park everyday, she could not do that anymore. She was forced to lay around, and be sluggish. Her whole personality changed instantly. She no longer had any more energy and she started to not even eat her regular food. So my dad cooked her meat and rice and she sometimes wouldn’t even eat that we would have to hand feed her. Just drinking from her water bowl put a lot of stress on her, it was her front leg that got amputated. After the Ampuatation healed, the vet said it was okay to take her to the dog park, which my mom did and it was the hardest thing I ever seen. She could barley run and play with the dogs. She tried to keep up but would keep on falling and my heart sank. She could no longer have fun. Her fun active social life was over. Maci didn’t even like going to the dog park anymore. She would just stay by my moms side and didn’t want to run anymore. When she used to run wil and chase the dogs for an hour straight. She would bug us every morning before we would taker her to the park. It all changed then. She would cry every time she got up after laying down, cause her leg would hurt her so we would try and help her up every time she wanted to. But she cried all the time and it killed me. After about 3 weeks from amputation, she started to go to the bathroom with her tail down. That’s when we realized it was close. The next day she started to cry a lot just trying to go to the bathroom. My mom and dad took her to the vet and the vet said the cancer probability spread throughout her body and the best thing to do was to put her out of her misery. I am regretting so much that I did not go with her to get put down. I don’t know why I didn’t, I just thought it was the best thing for her and I didn’t seem as sad then as I am now missing her and seeing how much different life is without her. She was only 2 years old and a very active husky, her parents didn’t have cancer. Maci didn’t deserve this, she was just too young and a puppy to go through this. I dream about seeing her again and hearing her howl in excitement. I just want to see her again.

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Dear Max, I’m so sorry for your tragic loss. Working as a vet tech I’ve seen many dogs with amputated limbs rebound and carry on as though nothing at all had happened. Your vet was most probably correct about the cancer having already spread so the decision your family took was the best one. It’s hard to understand why things like this happen. Maci deserved a longer life without question. If you look at the 2 years that she did share with you and your family however, they were very happy years and it seems like a lot of fun was packed in there with trips to the park and lots of love. I understand how much you want to see her again. She will be like your own special angel now keeping an eye on you until one day you will meet again.
The pictures you’ve posted of Maci are very beautiful! It’s wonderful to see how happy she was! Hugs to you!
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