I just wanted to write something about the 2 years anniversary of losing my beloved black girl cat MINT.
After she went i spent a lot of time on here and it really helped me to cope with the heartbreaking grief i felt.
She was a beautiful little black girl, twin sister to Ocelot ( a lush tortie and white), 
i nursed MINT for 5 weeks, she had cancer.I had to let her go on Valentines day 2010.
My husband and I and Ocelot suffered immensly.
My husband was ill for months. I suffered extreme anxiety and depression and Ocelot suffered with cat grief and was poorly about 4 months after. 
The vet said it was cat grief/shock. 
Life without Mint was almost impossible. How do you cope.
We had this little cat since she was 6 weeks old, Ocelot and her arrived into our lives and every day was beautiful.
BUT somehow you just cope dont you?? You get thru the firt few months that seem impossible.
A year after we moved home. This was the best thing to do for Ocelot. She was not going upstairs in our old house, the memories, she would only use 2 rooms,
So.............................we moved and she has become the spoilt" only "cat who is treated like a Queen (cos she is one !) every hour of her day, she is 15 now and with extreme love, good food,not leaving her alone too long and moving home, we got her thru it.
Tomorrow it is 2 years since my baby Mint left ...i was with her when she passed over. It was the worse thing i have ever  been thru in my life.
But i am still here 2 years later, it is corny to say that time heals, but it does. i didnt know how i would get thru half an hour, let alone one month.
I cant say i look forward to valentines day any more, i cant stop thinking of our last days together, i  am lighting candles for my little black girl, i feel extremely emotional,but i know that she gave us so much happiness from 1996 to 2010....
I just wanted to say that this web site helped me so so much, i had to pay a visit , i hope that this may help anyone who has just lost a beloved pet...the pain is the worse, i know that it was easier as i had her twin. Ocelot kept me going..and still does, so it isnt quite the same as having nothing left, but we were so worried about Ocelot for ages losing her twin.
Mint was an angel cat and i know she is with the angels.
I dreamt a lot of her after..............then nothing...then some dreams came back, i know she is there...watching us.................
i miss her every day of my life, she is in my prayers every day of my life.
I cant believe that 2 years has passed without her.
Thanku for listening
I love you Mint xxx God Bless u baby girl xxxxxxx
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Thoughts and prayers for you Niki, and wishing you sweet memories of your beloved Mint on this sad anniversary of her passing. Our paths crossed during our journeys, and I know how much Mint meant to you, and how fearful you were for your husband and Ocelot.

I am delighted that you are now all at peace, and I know Mint is too, playing happily in heaven with my Casper and all the other furbabies.

Today is Valentines Day, and it is so bittersweet Mint passed on this day, as I know she was the love of your life.

God bless you.

Polly xx 
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Blessings to you as you remember your beloved Mint on the anniverary of her passing to the Rainbow Bridge.

Blessings to you, Darlene - Skipper May 10,1991/ Dec. 10,2008
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I am so happy to read that you, your husband, and Ocelot are ok and doing well. I remember you and you sweet little Mint.   I will be at  2 years in April and what you say is so true.  At first, you don't know how you will survive it, then you don't know how you will continue on, yet somehow we do.   Valentine's Day is really a sad day to have a loss like that since every future Valentine's Day will have that touch of sadness.  Yet as you say, you remember the joy and the happiness and the great love as well. 
Thank you for writing.  It is such a beautiful tribute to Mint, your little angel who is watching over all of you.  
I wish you continued blessings and happiness!   Donnalee
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Niki...I remember you and mint so well.... thank you for sharing your words...and sending you blessings on this anniversary. Judylinn

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i thank you alllllllllllllll soooooooooooooomuch for your kind thoughts and messages 
love Niki xxx
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