I have been in a constant state of grief. My sweet baby Gizmo left this world two weeks ago. We were constant companions for 15 years, half of my life. I don’t know how to be an adult without him.

Gizmo was my sweet guy. Always ready to make a friend; dogs, cats, humans... loved everyone especially his mama. He was healthy for a 15 year old bichon. Cloudy eyes but healthy spirit.

Around Christmas I felt a change. Poor guys tail was down and was always looking for a loving lap. He had ups and downs in mood but he was an older guy and it was to be expected. When he stopped eating, and sneaking the yummy cat food, I just felt it that something was wrong. The vet confirmed the tumors in his liver and spleen. Cancer had set into my loving boy. It wasn’t long until I knew I had to make the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

Life since that day has been incomplete. What do I do first thing when I wake up? No more walks, cuddles and meal prep for that sweet soul. I’m broken.

It’s hard to get through a day and I’m supposed to just go on like I didn’t lose my rock. The guy that got me out of bed during hard times. I miss him curled up in the morning. I miss his love and sweet nature.

Everything reminds me of him. No one around me understands my profound loss. I need someone to talk to that understands.
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Such a huge loss. I am so sorry you lost your sweet boy--he's adorable. 

I lost my beloved girl dog to cancer and put her down two weeks ago yesterday. It's been devastating.

I think you'll find everyone here more than understands and our hearts will ache along with yours. It literally breaks your heart to lose such a treasured family member. 

I hope you'll keep writing, keep connecting here. It has helped me much. Healing grief takes a long time and is exhausting. Take good and gentle care of you, especially while you're so raw. Hugs and comfort to you!
-Missing Marissa deeply
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You are absolutely in the right place, everyone here understands very much what you’re feeling. I am very sorry for your loss of Gizmo. Cancer is the worst!

I am very glad though that Gizmo was able to spend 15 long years in your loving care. It sounds like you two had a very special bond. That’s a long time to have someone in your life and then for them to suddenly be gone. It certainly is an adjustment to say the least.

Keep on talking here as much as you need to, we’re here for you.
—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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I'm so sorry. One of my cats, only 7, passed unexpectedly last Monday, and I didn't think I was going to survive. I'll be praying for you. One of the hardest things is expecting him to be there; barging into the bathroom to drink out of the faucet, climbing into my lap and wanting a blanket, sleeping beside me when I awaken in the morning. I'm sure it's the same for you. It is so very, very hard. It feels like a limb has been ripped off. If you don't feel better soon, please seek some help. I had to get some anxiety medicine just to be able to minimally function. The people on this site are so caring and they understand. Please keep posting.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Gizmo.  Just hearing you talk about him is so sweet.  I know how you feel.  I lost my cat Timmer 6 weeks ago and I still cry every day.  They work their way into our hearts and lives and things are not the same when they go.  I'm so sad and so sad for you.  We are all so blessed to have these wonderful animals in our lives for as long as we do.
I know you have probably heard, but time heals. I'm still waiting for that healing to come.  I think part of the problem with me is I am fiercely hanging onto the grief, afraid to get go for some reason.  But for now I am muddling along.
I feel your pain. I don't have any answers but I understand how you feel.
Please keep coming back here.  It helps.
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I'm sorry for your loss, I believe everyone hear can relate and sympathize. We all are our have been through the loss of our loved pet. I lossy my 14 year old cocker spaniel January 6, 2018 and i still feel that horrible ache in my stomach,. I want to hold her little body again, carry her to bed and feel her love. This a great place to pour your heart out to without guilt from those who don't understand how much pour pets mean to our daily lives. I miss my Mija, our home feels empty, i Havre one dog left and she's tough, but our home feels the loss of my Mija. Its been almost two months and i feel i can't tell my fiancee or anyone around how much out still hurts. This is the place to share those feelings.
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You know, today I was just thinking I might be just starting to be at peace and edging away from the worst of my grief..... but I just stopped inside the door after getting home from taking my wife to the airport...
and I just broke down, sobbing, tears pouring down my face.

It's a windy, rainy day out today, inside, the house is so empty.

I have no answers.

But offer my sympathy to you, and anyone else who's lost a friend.
Bertie's Daddy
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I know exactly how you feel coming home and they are not there. That's the hardest.

I am finding that journaling is helping me.  I was kind of surprised but I thought what the heck, give it a shot.  I started writing down all the things I loved about my beloved cat, Timmer and I would do it as though I were talking to him.  I'd start out "do you remember the time...." or "One of the things I loved most about you was....."  
He passed on Jan. 19th.  Someone just came over to my desk and asked me how I was getting on these days and I burst into tears.  I still cry.  Weekends are the worst.  I miss him like crazy.  
I was thinking of getting one on one counseling but I started this journal and I really honestly think it's starting to help me.  That, and time.  And I think with the writing in the journal and makes me feel like I will not forget those little things I loved about him because I have them on paper.  My brain doesn't have to struggle to hang on because my words will remind me, because there is so much to remember.
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