There's very little to make me smile since I lost my most beloved and precious cat Purrfect.
But these two photos together actually do make me smile.  My kitty had so much personality
and had so many little ways to demonstrate his intelligence and his affection.  His tail was
on way he'd do it.  I'd tease him gently and call him my "tail boy" and he knew right away
I was talking about his most prized tail which he would absolutely slam down on the floor
over and over LOLOL.  I'd make believe I was going to grab it and very light touch the tip
and he'd slam away, repeatedly slamming it first to the left, then to the right till he succeeded
in making me laugh.   I wish I had a video of that but in the meantime, I do have these two
photos of him sleeping on his daddy.   I look at the first one and say to myself "Where's that
Purrfect kitty kat?"   Then I look at the second one and say "There he is."   He liked to play this
game also in different ways.  I wish he was really able to be here and still play this game but
at least I can make believe.   Here's the two photos.  I hope they show up right.
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Cute!  Thanks for sharing Purrfect!  Hope you continue to smile through your tears!
Jennifer Swanton
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Thanks Jennifer.  I was only able to get one photo to show.  There's one of him lying on his daddy where he's looking the other way and then the next photo he turns toward me and you can see his face.  Anyway, I'm not handling this well at all.  I miss him so very badly.  I love him so much.
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