So today is a very hard day, I miss you so much...... I didn't want to get out of bed today knowing that you weren't there. I can only hope that you are enjoying life with no pain right now. That does give me a since of relief to know that you are in a beautiful place pain free waiting for me......
Today I will light a candle by your picture and I promise you that I will be living a happy life from this point on. I know that when you were here by my side, that your greatest joy was making me happy when I was sad or anytime of the day, and I know you wouldn't won't want me to be sad anymore..... I will go on those walks alone, but I will never be alone in my  heart I will have you in my heart for ever and ever.....
I love you forever and never to be forgotton
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It seems that no matter how many days, weeks, months or years since we lose our four legged friends they never really leave us. I feel your sadness when I read your post. Today is the third week since we lost our Tunaka. While working out at the gym someone mentioned walking their dog and I just busted into tears. Like you though, I am committed to finding some inner peace and living life the best possible without him. Warm hugs and smiles are being sent your way.
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