Hi Jack,  It's Momma! I need to tell you a few things. I miss you sooo much and as time goes by, it gets better, yet it get worse. I try to write this without crying because I know you would want that!! As you know by now, shortly after you left me I adopted 2 dogs, Bandit and Baxter. You left a hole so big in my heart it took two to fill it. Well Jack, I am trying so hard. They are such good boys, and I know you would have liked them, well maybe, you were pretty protective of me, and loved all of my attention!! Anyway, I think of you every minute of everyday. Nothing will ever be the same without you!! Just little things that I do, and think, oh geezzz Jack isnt here to see this. The thing that sticks most in my mind lately is when I took your collar off right before I let you go. Please understand I did this for you, the light had gone out of your eyes that last night we spent together, and I promised you I would not let you suffer for my sake. The what ifs just kill me, maybe I should have just given you one more day. In my heart I know I did the best for you sweet boy! Gonna go with Jacob (my son) to get a tattoo of your paw print on the inside of my wrist, on the left side of course, closest to my heart. Night my BABY BOY!!
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So sorry for your loss.  I know time should help, but it doesn't seem to.  Prayers for you and Jack

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again


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Dear Tricia,

I just wanted to send positive thoughts your way....I am so sorry for your loss.  You boy Jack is beautiful...and I can tell how much you loved him.  Take care of yourself...

Kind Regards,
I will always love you...my furry son Raptor and my furry baby Zeus.  How wise you both were....you taught me so much.  I learned that it was I, who needed you....
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Jack was beautiful, Tricia, such a lovely boy. Today is 14 weeks since I said goodbye to my feline soul mate, Gonzo, and yesterday was one month since I said goodbye to my beautiful GSD, Solly, my canine soul mate. It is difficult to get through the grief, but we have to carry on.

Look after yourself and take each day as it comes. Jack will be with you always, lodged deep in your heart.


“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” – Jack Lemmon

Solly, Gonzo, Daisy-Mae, Ebony, Jerry, Tigger, Bonnie, Suzy, Cleo, Spike, Sooty, and Tibby – dazzling lights that will never fade. Adored, cherished, I was privileged to know you all. Until we meet again, my beautiful babies. Bowls of love and cuddles, your ever-loving, devoted Mummy xxxxxxxxxx

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