It's been two months since I said goodbye to Wesker. Yesterday was the actually marking of two months and my best friends cat needed to go to the vet and she didn't want to go alone. It's the first time I've stepped back in the vets office since I left without Wesker. Walking in there brought so many emotions out. Sitting in the same room where I made that final decision waiting for the vet to see Bunny (Amie's cat). Little did we know she would see the same vet as I did. The second Dr. Fields saw me she came over and gave me a big hug and asked me how I was doing. Her small act of kindness made me so much more comfortable about being there. It was funny cause I had just printed a photo out of Wesker that I wanted to bring to her so she could see him when he wasn't sick. I wrote a message on the back for her from Wesker (of what I know he would of told her) thanking her for giving him a little more time with me and for taking such great care of him and helping his momma through the tough decisions and letting her know it was okay. She didn't read the back at first but as we were leaving she came back out and was crying and gave me a big hug, all the ladies at the vet remember my little guy and how sweet he was. I was able that day to set up appointments for her to meet the two little ones I've taken in. Some days it's a struggle, I miss Wesker sometimes like it was ten minutes ago I made the decision but these two have definitely taken their part of my heart.

I haven't been on in here in awhile but know I am always thinking of all of you and your fur babies.

<3 Audi
♡r.i.p. Wesker 05-10-13♥
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Your vet sounds wonderful.  And how nice of you to give her a message like that on his picture,   too.  I am glad you can focus on the 2 new ones:  It will help you deal with your grief over Wesker.
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