I lost my beautiful boy Harvey at lunchtime today, he was 13 years old and a Border Collie, my heart is breaking, he came into my life when I was going through a very rough patch, he has made me laugh every day of his time with me, he was just 16 weeks old when I got him and I was already his 4th owner, bless his heart, I always swore I would never have a Border Collie not because i don't like the breed but because they are so intelligent and need lots of busy things to do but I don't regret a minute of it, though he did keep me on my toes when he was young, he has been the single most intelligent dog I have ever owned, life is going to be very dull without him. I also previously had a beautiful German Shepherd called Phoebe and lost her only 10 months ago so am also still grieving for her, a friend of mine sent me a lovely poem today, you may have heard it.
20150424_071027.jpg  Phoebe and Harvey

I think she said it comes from Winnie the Pooh?
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I am so sorry for the loss of Harvey and Phoebe. I can't even imagine losing two pets so close together. I can't believe you were Harvey's 4th owner! And when he was still just a baby!! He is very lucky he found you. ❤❤
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Hi Thelma,  I am so sorry for your loss. This is a wonderful photo of Harvey and Phoebe - they look like they posed for you! What sweet angels. 

I lost two cats 10 months apart (Piper died last August, Miranda died in June), so  I definitely understand about not having time to catch your breath in between.  I also just found out that my third cat has lymphoma, so I'm already dealing with anticipatory grief and worry again.  

I wish you peace and blessings as you grieve your sweet babies.  They were (and still are) very special and they will live on in your heart and memory. 
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Hi PipersMother, I am so sorry for your loss also and for what you are now facing once again and I will be thinking of you.
Yes they do look like they were posing, I would have liked to post the entire photo but had to shrink it down somewhat as it was too big, Harvey had a lovely white tip to his tail, I am going to get this particular photo of them put onto canvass they were so happy, the funny thing is that Harv never liked having his photo taken, usually if I pointed my phone in his direction he would turn his head away, but I just caught this one at the right moment, Phoebe on the other hand used to pose beautifully.

Hi Rookiesmama yes I was Harveys 4th owner, he had been passed from pillar to post and was on his way to a shelter when I heard about him I was told that I wouldn't have him long as he was a terrible chewer but I can honestly say that he never chewed much at all, he was a little horror when it came to getting him clean in the house though but we got there in the end, a funny story, on his first night with me he slept on my bed and at 2a.m. he started fidgeting so I wrapped myself up in a blanket (it was the middle of Winter and hard frost on the ground) and took him out into the garden he was sniffing around when all of a sudden he looked up and on the fence just a few feet away we both saw 2 huge eyes looking at us, it was a Tawny Owl, Harvey looked at me as if to say 'blow this I'm going inside' and shot off indoors and promptly peed on the kitchen floor, it was so funny I couldn't tell him off, but after that night he wouldn't go out in the dark unless someone went with him with a torch, he was such a character, I will miss him terribly. 
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