As many of you I have found some comfort in reading the messages on here. It has been 3 days since our amazig guy passed away and after all this crying I feel also I would like to post my story here.
Full of royal character my family adopted our feline friend at age 4, the first time we took a pet into our house. And for more than 15 years he has grown to be a major part of our small family. We never spoke much amongst each other yet the love we all felt for our cat was something we could allways build upon. He was such a good friend, a real manly man who was treated like a true king. He had fought with kidneystones when younger and spent most of his live eating diet food (that is, when not filling up on treats he got from the table and fridge). 2 years ago he got diagnosed with kidney failure after an occasional routine check-up and he slowly became half the size he was. We changed diet, added some medicine and he seemed to feel better again. Knowing it was a terminal condition we slowly started to prepare for the worst. Yet the two years after his diagnose he continued, despite the increasing physical problems, being his amazing self! But nevermind how much we prepared, having our dear friend go out for his final walk and never return home must be one of the saddest things we all ever witnessed..
After lunch he didnt come back for dinner nor breakfast and after 1,5 days of searching he was finally found.
He led an amazing life, full of love and attention up untill the very end, and he brought us not only joy but also love, companionship and a sense of belonging to one family. He didnt suffer so much, kept being playfull and purring, and it seems he just knew it was his time to peacefully go.
One of the most amazing things is that during spring for the first time in all those years he started to g out of the garden and sleep at the nearby canal. When summertime came and I returned to my parents, he stopped doing that and stayed with the family. And it was one day after I left that he decided to return to this canal and have his final sweet nap. As if he was checking out the place before and decided to stay around a bit longer for the summer, so long the whole family was together again.

He came in glory, lived like a king and went in peace. And nothing can describe how much I already miss him. My friends dont understand it, and being a family of non-expression both my parents and I are grieving in solitude. But the amount of tears I have shed these days will never reflect on how much I loved this cat and I can still not believe he is no longer with us.
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What a lovely tribute to your baby.  I'm very sorry for your loss.
Robin Adrian "Little Bear"s Mom
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