Well, 17 years have passed since my childhood friend was put to sleep.  She was a grey tabby kitty named Tuffy.   At the time of her passing in 1993 the candle ceremony was just getting started.  I remember logging on to AOL or Compuserve and receiving much needed support.  I don't get on the forums much anymore but my heart feels the pain whenever anybody loses a loved one.  I am not sure why but I feel compelled to compose a letter to my Tuffy.  Please forgive the long post.

    "17 years have gone by since you departed this world.  More time has now gone by than you were given on earth.  I was 11 years old  when I saw you poking your tiny little paw out of the cage at the humane society...saying take me, take me.  You were way to young to be away from your mommy.  You were not even six weeks old.  I often wondered whatever happened for you to be in such a place... but thankfully  it was meant to be.  
    We grew up together.  Remember how we used to play hide and seek in the basement?   I would hide and you would come running to me and pounce on my head. then u would take off and hide and we would start all over again.   We were two teenagers romping without a care in the world.  You were always by my side.  I remember when I was in bed with a 103 degree fever.  You would wake me up with your little paw to ask if I was ok. 
   Time passed on and you were always my best friend.  I had to go away to college.  I always tried to come back on the weekends when I could.  It was a long drive but I cherish those weekends I spent with you.  You always craved my attention as I was trying to do my homework and I loved every minute I spent with you.   You were always so sad when I had to leave..I am sorry.  We humans have to do a lot of silly things to exist, but  I would often think of you when I was gone... I knew you were in good loving hands with my parents but I missed you dearly. 
    After college I had to start my career and that meant I was away for months at a time.  I missed you so much.  I wish I could have taken you with me wherever I went. After I got settled down I was able to see you more often.. I loved you so much.  But it just didn't seem fair..I was young with my entire life ahead of me but by now you were a tired lady in the evening of her life.  Its not fair..  You are made of the same flesh and blood as me..  Why are you given such a short time and earth and we are given so much more?  I remember stting with you scratching your ears and wishing that I could do this for all eternity...Let the centuries pass before me.. I was content.
    Then the call came.. you had taken a fall and were ready for god to call you home.  I dropped everything and went home to say goodbye.  I spent that entire night with you before you passed.  A 28 year old man sleeping on the floor with his childhood friend.  I miss you so much little girl.  That night after you passed the phone rang on three separate occasions.  But nobody was on the line...somehow I think that was you trying to get through to let me know that things were ok. 
    As you well know I still say a prayer to the Lord every single night.  I ask him to take your soul and place you in his highest most wonderful heaven.  17 years is a long time gone.  Every year on the anniversery of your passing I sit with my wife and look at your photos.  I share a story about you with her and we both end up in tears.   I wish I could look into your beautiful eyes again..every day is farther from when I last did look into your eyes but another day closer to when I will see you waiting for me at Rainbow bridge.  I love you little and forever."


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What a truly beautiful letter to your precious girl Tuffy! I too feel that the three phone calls were a sign from your precious baby.  The physical bond with a furbaby is intense, but the spiritual one that develops after they leave is almost stronger.  Your letter will be such a help to everyone here.  So many fear that the memories or the love shared will die.  You are living proof that this doesn't happen.  May the day you see your Tuffy again be a truly special one.


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What a beautiful letter to your Tuffy.  It made me think of my precious time with my cat, how much fun we had together, and how I wish I could have had so much more time with her.  This is only the second day without her, so this is really hard.

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God bless you and the memory of Tuffy. My elderly feline buddy, Mr. Ike, has been gone only 8.5 months and the pain of his loss is breaking my heart. Your letter to Tuffy is a big help. Thank you.
The unconditional love of an animal is truly one  of Gods greatest gifts to mankind.
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You are a very fortunate person to have a tender heart.  If only everyone had such a gift.  My son has such a gift and I know that those who are so blessed sometimes suffer the world more then those who do not have this gift.  The world would be a terrible place without such as you. 

Peace to you friend
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Your letter to Tuffy honestly moved me to tears.
Sometimes I think we meet a Soul friend and they never leave our heart, and we will meet again because of the strength of that love and loyalty.
Thank you for your beautiful words and the love that shines through them.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Hi Robert,
I read your letter to Tuffy through very blurry was a lovely tribute to your dear friend.  The love that you have for her is evident in every word that you wrote.  It is so reassuring to read your letter and see that the love that you feel for Tuffy and memories that you have are still strong.  Sometimes that is my worry...that in time, my memories of my gorgeous beagle, Bella, who I said goodbye to nearly 13 months ago, will begin to fade and I might forget her little habits and mannerisms.  I hate that thought. 
Thank you for sharing Tuffy with us.  She sounds like a wonderful friend who made such a difference in your life.  We are so lucky to have been blessed to have Tuffy and Bella in our lives.  Now we just have to be patient until it is our time to be reunited with them once more.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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I just read that its' good to write a letter to your pet. I just lost my darling Cupcake.  I am broken hearted.  I know I am blessed to have had her for 18 years.  We've been thru so much together, such a companion.  I know the memories will live on forever, I will love my Cupcake forever. It helps to be here, we all know what it is to love a pet so much. I know we will be together again.  My cat who is only 8 years old also misses her terribly.  Time should calm this angst.  I'm reading a book by Karen Noe that seems to have some helpful ideas-our life after their death.  Yes it is for people, however she addresses pets as well.  She acknowledges that loss as important.  I know my Cupcake has been there for me more than any one person in many ways-I gave her unconditional love and she returned it 1000 fold.   

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience and this letter to your sweet Tuffy. It has only been 4 months since I lost my golden retriever and I often wonder how much I will miss her as the years go by. When I read your letter about Tuffy, I knew that is exactly how I am going to be. We got London when I was a junior in high school. I was at college for 4.5 years of her life and feel like I lost time with her. But after I graduated, I moved back home and it was like I had never been gone. We spent every waking moment together. She was my everything. I hope that I am able to remember London as beautifully as you have remembered your Tuffy through all of these years. What a lucky cat to have someone who loved her so much. I know she realizes what a great human she has.

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