My Wiley... 15 years we had together and now tomorrow is 15 weeks apart. Im waiting for the day I can write something happy and upbeat about the best keeten ever... but right now I still cant. Not that I couldn't fill a book w amazing funny and touching stories about u and me, and u and Tanner, Abbeyboo, Willow, DJ, Fuzzy, and Sevyn... but the memories still hurt because that is all I have left of u now, my keeten lover sweet.
I pray u visit me soon again in my dreams.. I miss u so much..
..so so much, Wiley. My life is just a mess without u here, the things im dealing with alone where I could always talk to u and get a kitten-hug and know everything would be alright.
Now I honestly don't know if they will be.

I love u so much xoxo
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I hope you are able to write some happy memories of Wiley. I found it did help me, and gave me a place to put all the special things about Jamie. I read some every day.

Hugs to you.

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Thank u xoxo I could cry just thinking about things right now... I have him as my screen saver at work and on my phone and I talk to him all the time. I just cant stand him not being here anymore, Jim. 

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I'm glad to hear you have Wiley on your computer and phone.  That's keeping him close to your heart....and I know that must be some comfort even though the loss is still so painful.  Thinking about you.

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