My dearest Cookie,

I did the math today. You were in my life for close to 6,000 days. Some of those days were spent apart when I was young and foolish with friends/dating/travelling when I should have been with you.

God willing that I live till I'm 80, that means I will have to face 14,600 days without you. I barely made it through 100.

I still cry almost everyday. I journal every memory before it fades. We matured together, and our schedules revolved around each other. Weekends aren't the same without you. Simple trips to the grocery store isn't the same bc I still see your favorite foods but don't fill the cart with it. I used to rush home from work to hold you. Now I walk slower than the elderly.

I carry your ashes everywhere. I walked by your vet today and went in on a whim. He was very kind and consoling. The guilt has almost been lifted. But my heart is still heavy.

Thank you baby girl for the dreams and feathers. Thank you for being there all those years and still being there. I love you always.
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I also feel bad about spending time out with friends, etc, when I could have spent it with Dobie. The first 3 years, although I was still home to feed him every meal, I get sad about the time in between that I can never get back to spend with him. But it's ok to not spend every second with our pets, I'm sure they understand that we need human interaction as much as they need animal interaction. And had I not ever left my house, I wouldn't have met my husband, which led to me being able to stay at home all the time with the dogs for the last 5 years I had with Dobie. It also meant he had a better situation, with a big yard and a positive male influence (a dad, I guess!) Our pets want us to be happy when they are with us and after they are gone physically.
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Pets get used to the routine that we set. They understand our coming and going. That becomes their way of life.
They just want a comfortable safe place to live.
Try not to live with those type of " regrets"
It's quality not quantity for most things in life.
Hard to lose someone we love. But, I'm sure quality was there when you were home. Pets don't need fancy car or diamond quality. A good treat and someone that makes them feel loved.
Your babies were happy.
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Yes, I did the same. I wish I had reconized the beautiful gift of each moment with Rowdy. I'm sorry for your pain and I pray for peace and healing for you.
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