My keeten... tomorrow is 14 weeks that you left me...I miss you more than words can say. I know you hear me talk to all the time and you see me cry all the time.. I know how much you hated to see me cry you would always come up to me and do your happy trill and beg me to pick you up and snuggle and I would sing Best Friend to you then he would pray and bury your head in my neck, clinging to my shoulder till the crying subsided. God I miss you so much I would give anything to have you here. I'm going through so many things and I need you... I bought you a new candle I hope you like it its sweet pea scented and I know that kind of girly but it just reminds me of this summer and how you to sit in the open windows and sniff the breeze and I would put you and look outside with you. The Moon is almost full tonight do you remember how we used to watch it out the back window at night? you left a lot of fur on the curtains and I just left it there because when I look outside it's like you're still there...even though I don't really look out that window anymore because I miss you and it's just not the same without you. nothing is the same without you... I think of all the times that you were here for me and I need you so much now too... mommy is such a mess, kitten.. if you were here nothing will be as bad as it is. I'm sorry to say so much sadness to you when I know that you're healthy and happy and running around in heaven with Tommy and Sammy and whoever else you've met up there, but I could never hide my heart from you and even if I pretend that I'm happy you know I'm not. last night I woke up panicking because I didn't see you when I gave everybody treats and I thought you got outside...I got out of bed and start to look around before I realized that you were actually gone. I was so scared something happened to you and then I remembered something did... I started to cry because for a moment I thought you were still alive.. sometimes a sleepy mind can be so cruel. the other cats were happy though as I gave them treats trying to get you to come out to make sure that you were still inside and safe.. and then it hit me...you were safe, just not here. I'm dreading the holidays especially Christmas as I recently found a picture from 2004- you with your Christmas toys. God I wish you were here. I know you be celebrating Christmas in heaven at Jesus birthday party... you and all the animals that are there.. I hope they give you American cheese and alfredo sauce because you love them so much, and temptations treats... my God how you love treats you took them right out of my hand and you put your paw on my hand to pull it into your mouth. U are the smartest most beautiful cat I've ever known
and the best friend I've ever had. Nothing compares to you, my keeten lover sweet.

I love u, Best kitten.
I love u xo
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I do hate the tricks our minds can play on our grieving hearts. I also woke up a few times, thinking Jamie had run outside. (she was an indoor only cat)

The Christmas  holiday is one of the worst for me. It was her favorite, Mr. Tree, dangling ornaments, and wrapping paper. She had a LOT of fun. Abby and Casey also love it, and it does help watching them play, but I still get some wet eyes at times.

I want to think that Jamie and Wiley have met, and will watch over us all.

Hugs to you tonight.

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Hi Stacie,

Your love for Wiley will never fade, I know he was such a very special and beautiful being.  I'm sorry you're hurting.  That's awesome that he would pull your hand to him!  I would love to hear more stories about Wiley.

Much love,
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So sad to read your post, so sorry,
I understand how you feel.
I lost my bestest friend and baby 6 weeks ago today. Ocelot - she was 19. A tortie and white.
I have cried so much. She was perfect.
The missing is unbearable.
The moon reminds me of her sister whom I lost 5 years ago. I used to look at the moon and talk to her sister , now they are together which us the only comfort.
The emotions are raw, all over the place, nothing is the same anymore.
Take care
Love and understanding
Niki xx
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thank you everybody for your responses xoxo
I've had a very difficult few months and everything that I'm dealing with is so much worse now that Wiley is gone. Im so very sorry I love you are hurting as well xo I have seen your post and responded here and there... it's been hard for me to comfort others this week As I am struggling through so much myself. Many times I can use my sadness to help others going through the same thing as me, but lately I just haven't been able to and I'm so so sorry. Depression is so heavy right now. I know you all understand all too well what I am saying in my heart breaks for you along with you because I am hurting so much too. I I'm so grateful for you guys and everyone on this site... even those I have not spoken to just reading their stories and the encouragement that they have given me and others has helped me get through each day. I will continue to pray for all of you... I'm so sorry for all of your losses but I am grateful to be walking this journey in such compassionate loving company.

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