This night 3 months ago. Oct 11th was our last night together.
Sweet Ocelot passed at 8.15am Oct 12th.
My brain can't stop thinking of those last hours.
It's painful.
Time has gone ....,my life changed so drastically from when I would sit with you at night telling you "you are my everything ".
I love and miss you beyond anything. ...
I'm comforted that I know you are with your dear sister Mint. You were both my little girls and I would do anything to hold you both again..
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Dear Nikola
Can exactly feel your pain.Ocelot hasnt left you..just cant be seen ..think of your memories of the good times you both shared.Ocelot is a part of you..your soul..n is within you.hope you find strength to go on
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Just now found your post and want to let you know I am so sorry for your loss.  I relate to you completely.  It has been 6 weeks since I lost my Molly who was my whole life.  Hard to go on without the ones you love and who give us such unconditional love back.  I see my baby everywhere I look.  I send you love and hugs.
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