Casper, I can't believe 11 long months have passed since I held you in my arms. If I close my eyes I still see you so clearly in my mind...your sweet little face, the way you would stretch your little neck when I petted your head to get closer to me, how you were forever rubbing your fat little cheeks against the furniture, marking your territory. You were such a good boy. I remember the first time I saw you. You were barely 6 weeks old, this teeny little ball of blue fluff, and it was love at first sight. I couldn't have children so you became my baby. Oh my, how you cried that first night. Your dad lifted you up into bed with us and you fell asleep on my pillow, beside my face and that was it, the routine was set. You were such a free spirit...playful...so laid back...the sweetest kitten that grew into the love of my life. 

The day you left me was the worst day of my life and I honestly thought that the pain would last forever. Your pain had ended, thank God, whilst mine was just beginning. These past 11 months have been so hard without you small man, but it's getting better. I know it sounds corny, but time does, indeed, heal.

I told you that day Casper, the last time I ever held you in my arms, how much I loved you, and I promised you that I would never forget you. I still miss you so much, and I know I'll never stop missing you, until that day comes when we meet again. Until that day, my darling, you will always be in my heart. 

Rest in peace Casper

16 January 2008- 7 November 2009

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Oh Polly
that makes me feel so sad, i can feel how you felt, i hope you are ok
i have said this to otheers, but myself and my husband have always said referring to pets or children that dont live as long as others
"they are a true star, they just dont shine as long as other stars"

you didnt have Casper long, that is so sad, |I am so sorry,
i am sure he knew how much he was loved by you
and i know you miss him

take care
Niki xx
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Thanks Niki. I am doing ok now, it's just these markers, you know how it is. And what a beautiful phrase and so correct...Casper was indeed my little star and, whilst his star shone for only 22 months, it burned with an intensity that I'll never forget.

You have such a kind heart. Thank you so much again for your beautiful words.

Polly xx
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sorry Polly you hurt. there are always like you say, markers on the way, that bring up the pain again. my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Judy

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Polly...I had one of those markers recently too.  My Jake crossed the bridge on February 3rd, 2010.  Eight months passed......yet I can burst into tears still at the thought of his not being here.  I was so fortunate to have him for 15 of his 17 yrs....its so hard to let go.

After a couple of months I rescued another mini schnauzer from a local group so no more quiet house! Fritz is quite different in personality and I selected him partly because he looked different from Jake too. 

May our "boys" romp together past the Rainbow Bridge...
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Thought and prayers to you, Polly. I know it's not easy. I know all of our babies are having a grand time at the Rainbow Bridge sunning, and running and frolicking together!

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Thank you all, friends, for your comforting words, even after 11 months I still need them! That's the best thing about this place..the comfort you derive from others who are hurting too, but still have time to offer kind words to others.

Again, thank you so very much.

And the thought of my boy running and playing with all the other little furries is what has kept me going through the dark times since Casper made his journey to Rainbow Bridge. I can just imagine the fun he and all the others are having!

Polly x
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