Hi, Im new here and I have never turned to forums for support but I am at a lost.

It's my first year studying abroad and I am 10,000 miles away from my home country. 2 days ago I found out my best friend for 10 years has been diagnosed with mammalian tumour and worms in her kidneys. I have been away from her for 5 months and will only be home in 4 months time. They took blood samples and the report is not out yet, she was put on medication. She was better at first but now she refuses to eat or drink, she's not taking her meds...

I Skyped with her yesterday and she whimpered at the sound of my voice. She even stood up and started looking around for me after not being able to get up for days.. Maybe it's just me but I feel like she misses me and remembers my voice. Watching her giving up and lay on the floor again I feel so.. useless. She can't stop shivering and won't even move.. I can't be there for her when she needs me the most. I cry day and night thinking of her pain, my baby is dying and I'm not there. The thought that I may never see her again, it breaks my heart..

Can someone please tell me how likely she would make it through this week? Since the vet is closed for holidays in my country and she's not eating or drinking I don't even know if she can hold on long enough to be treated.. And is she likely to survive the surgery or treatments? She's a ten years old cocker spaniel.

Thanks for listening.
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She didn't make it.. Didn't even make it through to be treated, left me right before I was about to say my final goodbyes through Skype. I couldn't even say goodbye, she died thinking that I didn't love her enough to be there during her last hours. I failed her I failed her...
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Sara, I am so sorry for your loss. But I want to tell you, you did not fail your dog. I truly believe she perked up for you on Skype, because she knew she was leaving you, and she wanted you to remember her standing up and talkng to you through her whimpers. She knew and was telling you 'Goodbye, and that she'd see you again someday across the Rainbow Bridge.'

 She knew and understood that you had to be away. Please don't beat yourself up anymore. You did not fail her. Cherish your memories with her, and know that while she may be physically gone, her spirit is with you. 
                       God Bless you.  
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I'm so very sorry for your loss
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that you had to be away. Please don't beat yourself up anymore. You did not fail her. Cherish your memories with he

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john Michael
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