Recently my girl had surgery to remove a mass on her upper back gum area
she had two teeth removed and biopsy done. Surgery and X Rays showed the jaw bone is intact
The biopsy came back benign ameleoblastoma. It does not metastasize , stays local to the area but does continue to grow and eventually breaks down the jaw bone 
Her blood work came back great and they did chest x rays which also look great 
We had an appt with a dental surgeon which unfortunately were not able to meet but spoke very briefly with over the phone and then spoke with employee who let me know what the plan was 
She could not answer my questions 
An appt was made for this coming Monday July 20th for a Cone Beam CT although their site says results in seconds they have her down for 60-90 minutes this is off great concern as she has already recently had surgery. She is not having surgery on this day but in August 3rd which she will be under for 2-2 1/2 hours and they are going to use digital x rays for the surgical procedure 
I am reaching out for advice in the hopes someone has gone through this 
Is the Cone Beam CT really necessary 
Debra Lavoice
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I have not heard of this, what is the purpose if all other tests came back fine?  How old is your pup?  I feel like I personally put my own boy through uneccessary tests and regret them, not all as some were needed, but the quantity.  While not invasive, they wanted heart ultrasounds and X-rays done every 4 months.  It would take several hours and it was stressful on him - especially being older. I tried spacing them out more (5-6 months) but in hindsight realize he didn't need all of those - I think it was a money grab. I'm not anti testing - just think sometimes we're so emotional and want to do the best for them, but don't always question what the real purpose and outcome of some of these tests are.  I'd weigh that along with age, stress, etc.

^sorry Debra, I realize your baby is 10 as it was in headline.  I think age is a consideration.  What are the risks with age and benefits of testing?  It's always so worrisome - I understand what you're going through. XO
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I think you should ask your doctor to understand why CT is needed for your dog.. 
If you are worried about anesthesia for both CT and surgery, my dog just had chest CT done on 6/18 and a big lung surgery on 6/30, I also worried about the anesthesia because my dog is 9 and has grade 2 heart murmur. We did heart echo before the CT and surgery, doctor said my dog should be ok for two anesthesia in 2 weeks. Everything turned out fine for my dog. CT is necessary in our case because my dog has lung cancer and we want to make sure it's not metastasized to somewhere else, Xray is not that accurate compares to CT. 
I'm glad to hear your dog has a benign tumor, good luck with the surgery!
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Thank you both for your input, it is appreciated 
to P Mom. She has to have the surgery because without the surgery the tumor continues to grow 
Once the tumor is removed there is no further treatment necessary, she is cured.  I am going to ask if it’s possible to have the surgery done the same day as the scan 🙏

didexist. That is great to hear, glad your dog is doing well 🙏

Debra Lavoice
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