It has been one year today since I lost my best friend and campanion of 13 years, and it still feels like yesterday.  My heart still aches to see him and my arms reach to hold him but I cant reach him.  Over the last year I spent a great deal of time wishing I would just go to the bridge and see him again.  I am starting to realize with some help that god has a different plan then that.  I know he wouldnt want that either.  I hope someday to find peace in his loss instead of the hurt.  I know he couldnt stay and it would have been wrong to make him hurt so I wouldnt. It is just much harder for my heart to except.  I am asking for anyone who wishes to light a candle at 4pm today in rememberence of not only my Daunte Drey but all the furbabies that have crossed the bridge. When they look down and see all the lights they will all know that they may not be here but will never be forgotten. Dauntesmom

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